Finding Ceremony Wording
I need to start finding wording for my ceremony ie. the welcome, introduction, declaration of intent, closing comments.

Does anyone know of a site that has some good examples?
I tried Google, but didn't have much luck.

Thanks in advance :)

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Have you asked your officiant for that information? They usually have several samples of ceremony wording for you to work with as you customize your own.

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My officiant gave me a huge document and its pretty much a pick and choose ceremony. Shoot me a PM with your email and I will be willing to send it your way.

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Start with the kind of ceremony you want. For example, is it Christian, Jewish, secular, etc.? Then Google, for example, "secular wedding ceremony."

I have the text of our ceremony at this link. However, since it was a Jewish ceremony, it may not be all that helpful to you.

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This is the link to my officiant. He has a bunch of sample ceremonies on his website. Hope that helps!

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@ Jessica....Thanks so much! I might have to steal some of your wording, especially the remembrance part. I really wanted to include something like that in my ceremony, but was unsure of how to word it.

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@ Stacy....Thanks again, that will definitely help a lot. I was actually already planning to use "The Art of Marriage" as one of my readings.

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Just noticed you are also in NJ... so am I. If you don't have an officiant I highly recommend him. (Plus he is really reasonable in price!)

If you need more PM me. He has given me TONS of samples to choose from!

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Tiffany... I have a few saved on my computer if you want to PM me your email I can send the .doc to you
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