FH HUBBY FINALLY decided to look for Suit/Tux TODAY
So I had been wondering when and when was he going to take the steps in looking for the suit of the day. Today was the day and I actually was invited to go with he and a friend, we had fun. He's tough to please, he's gone from no black to considering black. Then Ivory suits to black, I pray all goes well. Any one else having issues????? Does you future man, take forever with everything or do YOU.

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My FH is on the ball with this stuff right now, I don't know how burned out he'll be in a year. lol I can't see him making me repeat myself too much though. He likes to have a plan as much as I do.

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Haha I dragged his butt to the suit shop and picked it out. He approved it and it was over. FH isn't the most...pro-active...person. I don't think he's made a single decision regarding the wedding, actually. He prefers it, actually, that I'm kind of bossy and in-charge because he hates making decisions. We work well that way.

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Oh I wish, that were my FH's mind set, he tackles when need be, :o/

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Jesi you sound like me, and BOSSY is me in a NUT SHELL...... I let him do it on his own so I wouldn't be too much but I wished I could just make it happen.

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FH and his buddies are going when they can all go together which won't be until June. However, he has been going through magazines.

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I promise you my FH will wait until september to go get his and all the groomsmen tux-- smh at him

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My FH is wearing his ballroom suit. i was thinking about having him (along with all the men) in grey suites- but he was bent on his tails so that informed the boys clothes.

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My Fh actually helped me pick out the tuxes, we changed colors a couple times but the tuxes stayed the same. Plus he helped me find my dress, my mother's dress, MOH's dress, my daughter's dress(BM and we compromised on my FG's dress by letting her choose the one she liked better from two we choose. The person I am having problems with is his father. We are letting him choose the style/color he likes best and that will match FMIL dress and he's just has not picked one out yet.

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I'm with you Toni. I asked him when he planned on getting his tux so his groomens can get theirs. My FH claims May but we will see lol!

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We put deposits on tuxes last month, they will get measured early May (yay they actually coordinated their own fitting!) I went to the appt for picking out the tuxes as FH and I have done virtually all appts together, he even came along when my MOH needed to change out her dress and we wanted his opinion that the two different bm dresses worked together, poor man got so many odd looks in the store.

However,I won't join the menfolk for their fitting, pretty sure I'd be blocked anyway, all the men in the wedding party are already married and are fully capable of getting themselves measured and seem to take insult to excessive coddling/direction =).

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Mine just went yesterday with his groomsmen. Mind you, the wedding is at the end of this month. He won't even tell me what color his suit jacket is. *eyeroll*

BTW, FH and GM will be in retro 70's tuxes, and half of them will be wearing kilts on the bottom. We have a weird wedding, lol.
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