FH doesnt want to dance!
Can someone pleeease give me suggestions on what to do in place of the first dance?

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i feel ya... fh will only do our first dace to paint me a birmingham and its about a break up smh shesh....i have his brother working on it hahah

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My DH didn't want to dance either, but I didn't give him an option of skipping it. So I let him pick our first dance song. We danced to Incubus, LOL. I love Incubus so I didn't care, but I could tell other people judged. Anyway, he said that was the only dance I would get all night, but about half way through the reception, he was dancing with me more and more, and we danced the night away. My advice is let him pick the song, maybe he won't be as opposed to dancing once the day comes as he is now. :)
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DH is shy but I insisted he had to dance just the 1st dance with me and he did.

Married: 11/23/2012
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I'll try!!! I won't hold my breath though lol! But in the event that he doesn't give in, I need a back up plan!
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