i feel alone
Im i the only bride on here getting married in 2014? Lol.

Married: 03/08/2014
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apparently so. lol But congrats!

Married: 09/22/2012
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it's ok!! You just have lots of time to spend money on your big day!! Wish I had a couple years to plan, I would have been able to double or triple my budget and have a HUGE celebration with lots and lots of decor. Use it to your advantage.

Married: 03/08/2014
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Lol... i was suppose to be next year in jamaica but had change of plans . Family wanted to be apart of it. And since its my first marriage i do want everyone to be there.

Married: 09/22/2012
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So, you see things are already better b/c you moved the date, you get family!! You are anything but alone, you are surrounded by people who want to share your day, even if you are the lone wolf of the 2014 wedding dates on WW!!!!

Married: 03/08/2014
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@ kristina, lol. I wish. I wanted to cancel the trip next year for jamaica but we already payed for it so thats gonna be our pre honeymoon trip. But my mil and fil gonna help and my parents so i hope it works out. And you guys have became my famil so i know if i have a problem i know who to turn to. U guys are the best.
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Married: 08/03/2014
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Getting married in 2014 that is!

Married: 03/08/2014
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Yeah laura. Thank god i dont feel alone anymore. Lol

Married: 09/22/2012
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See Islandgirl C., you are quite the trend setter, you announce 2014 and the others begin to show up, kinda like "if you build it, they will come", If you annouce your date, the others come out of the woodwork!!

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We are currently house hunting and 2013 seemed too close because I won't be starting to plan until we are settled in our first home together. I didn't want to plan a wedding and buy a house and decorate said house and all that jazz, thinking about doing that stresses me out lol. I rather have more time to save and too much time to plan than not enough. I enjoy doing things at my own pace :)

Married: 08/03/2014
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There are a couple of other brides on here with 2014 dates but I guess they are hiding? 0.0

Or just not constantly browsing these forums like I do....Lol
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Married: 03/08/2014
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Well they need to get on here and stop hiding. Lol @ laura . Goodluck on ur house hunting.

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When I joined, it was June 2010, I was getting married in May 2012... I felt the same way, and then all of a sudden, everyone was joining for 2012 weddings, and NOW here is it 2012.. Enjoy your time :) it will fly by. I now have 24 days.. EEK!

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You may not be alone FH and I may be moving our date back a year. I am determined that I will have my dream wedding lol :)

Married: 08/31/2012
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2014 is far away... but it gives you enough time to plan the beautiful day.. well as long as you dont procrascinate .. haha ...
BTW... I LOVE your centerpieces picture ...

Married: 05/18/2013
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Mines is 07/13/2013 so its pretty far away too.

Married: 03/08/2014
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@irchykk, no way near proscrasinate here i already bought my dress. Lol and im gonna start buying my wedding stuff so i dont have to get things all at one time. And thanks thats how im gonna do my centerpiece its too pretty.@ckjl, congrats sweetie u gonna have a wonderful wedding, the time do go fast thats why its good to plan ahead especially when you got so much to do.@whitney sometimes things do come up but yes at the end its gonna be all worth it.@seasidebride, how are your wedding plans coming along?

Married: 03/08/2014
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Lol so true kristina, keep coming ladies.

Nicole S. (formerly Nicole C)
Married: 10/13/2013
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Mine is 10/13/13 so it's pretty close to yours too. I'm in the same boat as Laura only a little further along- we just bought our house in October and needed to save/have more time to plan because we bought a fixer-upper for a house and it needs some serious attention...

Married: 05/30/2015
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Islandgirl I am getting married August 9, 2014. You are not the only one. It ws another 2014 post on here. Its about 6 of us. I have already started buying stuff and actually have a lot of it. I know my FH is getting tired of my boxes taking over the living room. We were going to do it August 29, 2013 but we are in the process of buying a house and he just started a new business so 2014 it will be.
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