February Wedding Colors
Our wedding is on February 14, 2009, and I have no clue where to start with colors! We are thinking a deep navy, with silver accents...But i am not sure if thats it...It is a formal evening wedding. Any suggestions will help :O)

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I think going with navy and silver is an excellent idea! ;)

Jennifer gave you some great advice on your other post - stick with a three color palette that consists of a dark color, a light version of that same color, and a third accent color. So in this case that would be your navy as your main color, and your silver as the last accent color. So your secondary accent color would be any light blue that you like with navy blue - slate blue and cornflower blue are good choices. Those blues have grey in them, so they would go nicely with both the navy and the silver.

Hope this helps!
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I just replied in the other forum before I read this one with your colors narrowed down! It's pretty much what come to my mind too! So I second the medium/icy blue color in addition to the navy with silver. I think it will be gorgeous and sophisticated enough for a formal evening wedding.

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I agree with the navy and silver. I would stay away from the traditional red and pink. Everyone will probably think you will do red :) Good Luck.
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Those are good colors we had a bride who chose those exact colors for her wedding and the brides made's dress' were beautiful.

For an evening gown it is a very nice color and goes good with dimonds or costume jewlery.

Best Wishes

Samantha Hines
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I love the idea of Navy and Silver -
and really like the idea of going with Diamonds as accents..
and I would agree to stay away from the pinks and reds -

Holly B.

Feb 20, 2008 at 5:29 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
Navy and silver is nice.

It really depends on your style and personality. You want guests to open your invitation and say... "this is so YOUR NAME HERE". So if you are fun and outgoing, don't be afraid to add in some fun color into that mix. A nice bright green, ice blue, tiffany blue, even pink or coral. If you are very reserved, stick with blue and silver. Maybe add in some white, or different shades of blue of silver. Dark grey, silver and navy blue would be delish!

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Navy and silver is actually really nice but the colors I've noticed to be "up and coming" are turquoise (or light blue) and emerald green. It kind of sounds funny at first but I've seen some absolutely gorgeous photos of weddings with these colors. It is young, fun and very elegant! It kind of incorporates winter on the verge of spring.
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