father /daughter dance when your father is deceased.
my dad passed away just 2 weeks ago. he was so excited about my upcoming wedding in April 2011, and our father daughter dance. My uncle will be giving me away now, but should i still do a father daughter dance with my uncle? or just have guest who are there with their dads, dance as a tribute to my dad?

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Sorry to hear about your father :( It's really up to you. You could also nix it....I've been to several weddings that haven't had a mother/son or father/daughter dance at all. I think you get to make whatever call you want on this one!

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No u still do your dance with the man who is second closes to you. Please honor him in a dance. What about having a sibling dance with you or your fathers brother?

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so sorry to hear that... my friend, in the same situation, had a dance that began with someone she was close to, then it turned into a dollar dance.. and any man in attendance (mostly uncles) - after donating a dollar could dance with her.. the proceeds went to the diabetes foundation as that is what her father had been diagnosed with. (They thought about not having the father/daughter, mother/groom dance at all, thinking no one would notice, but the groom really wanted to have the dance with his mom and this worked out well and it was a nice way to honor him). Do what makes you comfortable and is appropriate in your situation as the previous post mentioned you can make the call - you're the bride!

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My father has been deceased for a few years now but I will always miss him. The father daughter dance would have been important to him so I want to do it. He had a few close friends who I have known since I was little and I have a foster brother. None of them really like to dance, especially with all eyes on them, but because they are standing in for him they are happy to do it. I'm going to dance with them one right after the other for only a third of a song so none of them have to be on the floor long but I can share that moment with the people who have supported me and who miss him as much as I do.
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I think if you start out dancing with your uncle and then have the DJ invite any father/daughters in attendance to dance as a tribute to Dad's would be absoultely wonderful.

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My father died last year. I am going to dance with his cousin who was like a brother to him. Then we are going to have all the couples come up and dance the last half of the song

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Oh my...I am SO SORRY about your Dad :( I can't imagine...
What about your Mom? Maybe you can dance w/ her?
I do like the thought about having a dance of fathers w/ their daughters as a tribute.

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so sorry to hear about your father.
i really like the idea of calling up other fathers and daughters as a tribute to your own dad.
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My sister and I were in the same situation. Sorry to hear about your Dad. It's a very hard time for you.
My sister and I chose to dance with our uncle (Dad's brother) and had the DJ announce it was a song and dance dedicated to the memory of my Dad.

Best of luck
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