Father Daughter Dance - tribute for deceased father?
My dad passed away when I was 16. I don't want to do the dance with someone else. But I came up with something this morning. He was a very loud, jolly, exciting man. I thought that maybe instead of a moment of silence, we could have a moment of un-silence, with everyone clapping and cheering with one of his favourite, upbeat songs in the background, to honour his memory. I think my aunt and uncle, his siblings, would really love this, and so would his mom. They would get it, so would my mom and my sisters, and even my mom's family. But is this too inappropriate for a wedding?

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I think that sounds lovely. Is there a song you had in mind?

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Yes, either I Want To Hold Your Hand because we ALWAYS held hands when I was little or Twist and Shout, because that was our song when I was little, and at my uncles wedding when i was the flower girl, we literally twisted and shouted for the entire song. I think there's a picture of it somewhere....

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I think that would be awesome. It's basically your way of having your dads spirit honored in a way you know he would love. My step dad had been diagnose with myeloma, and wwe weren't sure if he was going to make it to the wedding or not, hence why my engagement became a 9 month one, so he could be there, and in case he doesn't I picked the song The Impossible by Joe Nichols to honor him for a moment while the room was silenced.

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My dad also passed away when I was 13, and my fh's father passed when he was 3. I may not be able to fit it into the budget since we are doing destiantion wedding, but I would LOVE to do a slideshow of pictures of them with us as babies to a special song.

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That would be sooo sweet!

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First off, I am sorry for your loss.
I was going to suggest a slideshow as well. I went to a wedding once where the brides father was deceased, and she did the dance with one of her uncles, but played a slide show of her and her dad in the background and used the song that was her and her dad's special song for one another.

I also LOVE your idea of a moment of UN-silence. I think it would be super cute if you could project the picture of the 2 of you that you posted here on the wall during that moment :)

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that's such a great idea! little me in a white dress behind grown-up me in a white dress! perfect! I just wanted to get some confirmation from other brides that it wouldn't be in bad taste or anything. I know it's my wedding and all, but I wanted to make sure it would still be appropriate.
Thanks to all of you!

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I absolutely agree with you! Un-silence away! I think I might actually steal your idea for my wedding....since I'm in the exact same predicament. I was also going to suggest that you have a mother-daughter dance instead of a father-daughter dance....at least that's what I'm thinking of doing.

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I thought about the mother-daughter dance, but my mom said no way! she's extremely shy and has terrible social anxiety. But if your moms not like that, why not do both? give some respect to your mom, because she brought you into this world and all.

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I lost my daddy 2 years ago. My mother would not dance with me either.. So i came up with the idea to play a slideshow with pics of him and I with the song "dance with my again". If you have not heard it, listen to it with a box of tissues... Its a great song!

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That should be "dance with my father again".. Sorry I get emotional thinking about it.
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