Fast dance songs
I need help with fast dance songs for my reception? Any suggestions?

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what about stuff from like black eyed peas?
like - i gotta feeling

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yea i got that already lol its just so hard

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White Stripes: Fell In Love W/A Girl, La Rouix: Bulletproof, The Ting Tings: Shut Up & Let Me Go

pretty much any Talking Heads Song or B-52's

look up "80's" & "90's" dance music on google, there are some great songs from those decades that pretty much everyone LOVES and can dance to

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i guess this is a list of 200 top wedding songs

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also my fh found a techno remix to the titanic song "my heart will go on"

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sara d i love that you just said Talking Heads Song! haha

just keep going through top 40 songs and picking ones you like from there? or have you done that?

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i have done that haha

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Smile - Avril Lavigne. Thats a must have at mine. Maybe you'll enjoy it too.
A few others I'm also gonna have in my long list of reception songs are..

Two Of Us- Nsync
Uimotståelig - Celine Helgemo
I love you- Avril Lavigne
Its gonna be me - Nsync
Lets stay together - Al Green
My monkey - Marilyn Manson (LOL couldn't resist)
A little piece of heaven - Avenged Sevenfold (Another one we couldn't resist lol)

Those are just a few.. Hopefully you like at least a couple, and if not, hopefully you have just a few more ideas. :) Good Luck!
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Hi. Here is a list of our Top First Dance Songs:

Also, we are located in Spring Hill and have worked at Heritage Pines. Should you need a DJ, Musician, Lighting or Photo Booth, please let me know. We'd be honored to work with you.

Michael Greenberg | Owner
Nature Coast Entertainment Services

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