fall wedding card box... any ideas?
im trying to come up with a cute idea for a card box. i would like to call myself a future DIY bride! lol anyway i seen card boxes at the craft stores and they all seem kinda cheesey to me.... there not what i would like to use....does anyone have any ideas for a card box with a fall themed twist?

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thats really cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is it a real pumpkin??? lol

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what are your colors?

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orange's, brown's, gold's

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Nope I would hate to have to clean out a real pumpkin and then put cards in it! Don't get me wrong I love the smell of pumpkin but that would be awful and if the cards got wet and sticky ugh that would be a disaster! I just want to use a fake pumpkin like the cheap ones you get around halloween :)

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In case you want to just check it out, Oriental Trading has Fall and Winter boxes on clearance!


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Here are a few ideas.

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I LOVE both of these. They are from Lacy Claire Designs (she did my card, program, and amentity boxes. She is fantastic, a little pricey, but fantastic). Her etsy shop is http://www.etsy.com/shop/LaceyClaireDesigns?ref=seller_info

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