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One of my bridesmaids works in a bakery and has offered to make my cake as her wedding gift to me. She is incredibly talented in everything she touches, so of coarse I said yes! We are having a 3 tier cake and she said she can make every layer a different cake flavor and icing flavor. Now here is where it gets tricky:

We are having a autumnal themed wedding so I'd like the bottom tier to be Pumpkin Spice cake with Cheese Cake Icing. I want the top tier to be Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Icing.

Which flavor should I do for the middle tier? I'd personally love chocolate. But do you think I should go with a "safe" choose like vanilla?

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Vanilla is definitely safer than chocolate, a lot of people are allergic or just don't like it but vanilla always safe

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if you want chocolate, go for it! But i'll agree that vanilla is a safer choice- everyone likes it, and as Patricia said, a lot of people are allergic to chocolate, or can't eat it because of other sensitivities (my mom has a heart condition and chocolate gives her heart palpitations)...so just keep that in mind!
I love the flavors you already have in mind though.

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One of our tiers is a vanilla cake with a lemon mousse filling. Its really good

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Because your other two tiers are nontraditional wedding cake flavors, I would go with vanilla. Believe or not, there will be guests that aren't as adventurous when it comes to dessert. So it may be a good idea to have the vanilla to accommodate them.

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I'm thinking I'll go with vanilla too. I'm not going to be having any other desserts except the cake, so I do want to have options for everyone to enjoy.

My mom's side of the family are all addicted to chocolate though and even though I'll have red velvet cake, that's the top tier so I'll be saving it for the 1 yr anniversary. So the guests really only have the choice of Pumpkin Spice or Vanilla.

I like the lemon mousse filling idea. I want to do something special to spruce up the vanilla cake. Any other good ideas to add to vanilla?

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I like the lemon mousse too! You could also do a raspberry preserve swirl, or a strawberry spread- but those might be a little summery.

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Our cake was 1/2 spice cake with cream cheese filling and 1/2 french vanilla with buttercream filling. We had a TON of people telling us how delicious it was, but we STILL had people who wanted different flavors, and wouldn't eat either of those.

You will never be able to make EVERYONE happy, but I do think it would be best to stick to the 2 flavors you picked plus a "safe" vanilla.
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Red Velvet has coco in it, which should satisfy the chocolate people. The pumpkin spice is seasonal and different from the norm. I would go with vanilla for the center because it will be the only "normal" flavor.

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maybe you could do whatever other flavor you like (like chocolate) and then get a sheet cake of vanilla from somewhere (like walmart) or somewhere cheap that way you have it for back up, and you still get what you want!

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My BM is a friend of mine from Culinary school and she's doing my cupcakes :) (we're both pastry chefs)

For my wedding I am choosing to have Pumpkin spice cupcakes with Cream cheese frosting, Apple spice cupcakes with apple cider buttercream, and then just a simple chocolate for those who don't like the spice cakes.

We are also having a small 2 tiered cake for FH and I to actually cut in to. It will be a white cake with lemon raspberry filling, so again, those who don't want the spice cake can have the white or chocolate cakes.

We also plan on having Pumpkin and Apple pies too :)

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For clarification: the red velvet top tier will not be eaten by any of the guest. We plan on freezing it for the 1 yr anniversary.

The guest will only have a choice of Pumpkin Spice cake or whatever we choose for the second tier.

Carly - I like your idea of getting vanilla sheet cake. Then we might be able to do some kind of chocolate/fudge flavor for the second tier.

Dragonfly - I like the idea of the buttercream filling. That would be a perfect way to spice up a boring vanilla cake. Great idea! I might steal it. :)

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