Fall 2014 Wedding - Theme and Color Ideas
My FH and I were very recently engaged and have decided on a wedding next fall. I am absolutely in love with the color orange but my MOH (my sister) thinks the color is hideous and my mother thinks I should go for more of a Coral color and not pumpkin orange.

Just a little more about my wedding party, it will mixed with black and white bridesmaids and groomsmen. That being said, my mother thinks I should choose a color that will look good on everyones skin tones.

What do you guys think? What fall colors are nice looking for a wedding?

Thanks for the advice ladies!

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I agree that orange isn't an easy color to wear, and you'll have award time getting them to spend any kind of money on an orange dress. It could still be a complementary wedding color and used in decor, flowers, etc.

For dresses, I'd probably go with two colors: chocolate brown and deep red, and let the girls pick which one they preffered.

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Hi Talayia! Welcome to WW! :-)

I'm also a Fall 2014 bride. We are planning on using pumpkins as our centerpieces so we're working with orange too and we're probably going to use purple as another color. My girls are wearing black dresses 3/4 length or shorter and I told them to wear bright shoes.

Are you trying to do a fall themed wedding? If so think of the colors the leaves turn. Golden yellow, orange, red, browns etc...

Check Pinterest. I've found lots of great ideas on there.

Happy planning!

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I'm getting married this October and my wedding is definitely fall themed. My colors are orange and berry (DB colors persimmon and sangria) and I'm letting my bridesmaids pick which ever color dress they want of those two colors. Most of my bridesmaids didn't choose the orange shade because, yes, it is hard in terms of skin tone. What about a burgundy, crimson, wine, or berry shade? That tends to compliment more skin tones. Or brown. You can always have another color as an accent color, even have them wear shoes in the accent color or something.

I'm attaching images of my colors.

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Go with a more burnt orange

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You know, looking at it now the persimmon color might actually be better in terms of matching with skin tones than a pure orange. It actually has a bit more coral in it..

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You could have an ombre wedding party pulling in these shades

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I'm a fall 2014 bride! But my colours are a little unconventional for the season!

also, I agree with Paris on the ombré idea! I love ombré!

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We are thinking of doing some deeper shades of purple and red/rust but maybe adding some peach colors to it. I like the below combo without the blue.


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Yay! So excited to meet the other fall of 14 brides : ) I agree that burnt orange would probably be a safer color than a brighter shade (i.e. Tennessee Vols orange). I also think the ombre color is a great way to tie the colors in that maybe you wouldn't get to use otherwise. I've decided to use warm oranges, reds and highlight with brown for accents.

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I think a burnt orange or soft red would work! Then you can incorporate different shades of browns with it. My FH's best friend had a fall wedding, with fall colors. The girls wore brown dresses with orange flowers.

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you could do different shades of orange in the dresses, looking for the ones that best match the bridesmaids skin tones. There are some weddings where they just give the bridesmaids a color and a budget and let them pick a dress out themselves so that they have an option of getting something they will wear again.

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Oh I meant to add that I LOVE orange! My apartment is decorated in orange, light blue, and brown. I think it can be done. Even if they don't come out looking too good in orange your bridesmaids will live with it for one day because they love you and know its your day.

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I am also a Fall 2014 bride - we went very simple for our base colors - navy (looks great on all the BMs) and cream (neutral color).
Our accent colors are a purple and teal

I agree with PP's that orange isn't very easy to wear - maybe use that as an accent color - centerpieces, flowers, jewelry?

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Thank you ladies! I would have never thought of crimson red or brown as a fall color. When I think of fall, first thing that comes to mind is Orange! I LOVEEEE bright colors! I also didnt realize I could have a main color and accent color so I think that will help alot!

Thanks for all your feedback ladies!

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