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I'm having a fall wedding and am quickly becoming discouraged. I'm looking for metal or even fake fall trees to liven up my reception area. I'm going for the rustic/nature feel. I've found some trees but they all are super expensive. Anybody else doing a fall wedding and having luck in the search. I could just go cut a tree down..but then I have to feel buckets with paster of paris to make them stay upright. Any help would be welcome. I live in Northern Virginia if that helps. Thanks!!

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someone share their wisdom please

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You could also try the tree stands that are used at Christmas. Most people who use live trees at Christmas would probably have one in their attic or basement. Ask your friends to let you borrow them and just put a sticker on the bottom with their name on it so that you can return it to them afterwards. Get some cloth to cover the base, or maybe even some pine straw to make it look more natural.

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I am thinking of getting a few of them (usually on sale in late Aug/early Sept) at Walmart. to make a smooth transition in an awkward place at our reception. By the dance floor, i was thinking a trio. I guess I didnt explain that well. I am thinking of getting full size trees (usually 5-8fters are selling) and putting them in a pretty potter (possibly in our colors). Then we will then bring them home and plant them at our house.
I was also thinking of decorating them, but hadnt come up with anything solid yet. I am open for ideas..

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I am also having a wedding close to fall and our "theme" is fall obviously! I can not find any fake fall trees, I have spent so much time googling all kinds of stuff....NOTHIN! I want just a couple big fake fall leaved trees. Please help us!

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try www.shopwildthings.com for wire trees or www.saveoncrafts.com for natural and or metal/ wired trees. Good luck!

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