Ever heard of Viennese Table??
So I read on line about cake alternatives and came across A Viennese Table which sounds really cool and am thinking about it cause Were not big on cake & I'm also having a candy buffet , so I can probably mix it all in as one??? any thoughts??? below is a pic of example

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Hayley C™
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Looks like a dessert buffet or a sweets table.

I think you could make one big long dessert display if your venue has the room.

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A dessert buffet, oh my! :)

Sounds good. We're doing the candy buffet, cake pops and several round cakes but if cake is not really your thang, then I think you should go for it.

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I went to a wedding that had one ... had a bunch of chocolate desserts such as eclairs, cannolis, chocolate fountain with strawberries, puffs, etc ... MOST people like desserts, sweets ( I'm not a sweet tooth person) but I did do the butterschnapps shots from the shot glasses that were made of chocolate and it was edible. Haha. I don't know about having BOTH that and the candy table? Think it might be too much sweet stuff, I think one of them would be perfect :)
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We had a small cake to cut, an ice cream sundae bar and a dessert bar.

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We did one of these as well as our cake. Its an Italian tradition to call it a Viennese Table and also to serve warm alcoholic beverages.

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I seen it done.if that's what you like then go for it.
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