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For our upcoming wedding we are trying to involve our children as much as possible. Our two sons (ages 3 & 4) are ring bearers but I am having some trouble with the role our daughters (ages 14 & 11) will take, they are mine from a previous relationship but as far as they are concerned he is their dad. We have been a family for nearly 6 years and before that it was just the girls and I. My father passed away 7 years ago, my mother and I do not speak and I have no grandparents or siblings in attendance. My daughters would like to walk me down the aisle and I love that they choose to do that. However, I worry that they'll feel they played less of a role by not being actual members of the bridal party. My original intention was to have them as bridesmaids since their younger brothers are ring bearers. Any advice?

Married: 05/05/2012
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I think having your daughters walk you down the aisle is very beautiful gesture.

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Do what your daughters want. They could kind of be both. You could have them walk you down the aisle but also stand up at the altar with you. It is your wedding and it is your decision. Do what makes you and your family happy. There is no "rules" about who has to walk you down the aisle.

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i agree with Mrs. D.

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Have them walk you down the aisle and then stand at the alter. There is no reason why they shouldn't be right there with you. It is a marriage of families after all.

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Junior bridesmaids? they seem to be old enough to be junior bridesmaids, but too old to really be flower girls you know? They could even escort you down the aisle, that way no matter how they go down the aisle, they still play a larger part in your wedding.

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Thank you all for your advice. My girls will be walking me down the aisle, then standing with my MOH. We'll be giving each of our four kids a family medallion necklace during the ceremony as well. Thank you again.

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Emi, I think that sounds like the perfect solution.

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I think them walking you down the aisle is even more special than a Jr. BM or BM. We had a similar situation. Our brothers have 7 kids between the 2 of them and we wanted them all to be a part of the wedding. My dad passed and I'm not close to my mom so my 11yr old niece is walking me down the aisle.

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I think that having them walk you down the aisle is a BEAUTIFUL idea. If they're okay with not being in the bridal party because they want to walk you then that is a great idea!

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I love the idea of them being both the bm & walking u down the aisle.

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Abby, I think its sweet that your niece will walk you. After giving it much thought and many conversations with my daughters, fiance and MOH, I've realized that our wedding is traditional yet unconventional. Instead of doing a traditional father/daughter & mother/son dance he will dance with our daughters and I will dance with our sons. During the bridal dance (a tradition in my family) you're supposed to start the dance with your mother and end the dance with your father but I will be beginning it with my Godmother and ending it with my Godfather (my Dad's oldest brother). Then of course my daughters will escort me down the aisle. The world has changed since the time of our parents and grandparents so while some old traditions can be kept, some must be adapted and some must be changed to suit each couple's individual situation. Like Mrs. D said earlier "It is your wedding and it is your decision."
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