escorted down aisle by both parents?
Is it common that both parents walk the bride down the aisle? I know it is much more traditional to just have my father walk me down the aisle but I would prefer to have both. My father seems offended and I explained to him it is nothing personal and not that uncommon anymore. They both raised me. Divorced parents-- i don't know if he is just being spiteful or if any father would be offended.................

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I seen it in the weddings I went to.I was to thinking the same thing on having both my parents walk me down that is if my mother can make it.

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I am not sure how common it is but I had both my mom and dad walk me down when I was married the first time bc they both raised me and I felt like it was something they should both do!

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I have seen this a lot lately. He should not be offended. Traditionally the mother has a song in the beginning that is dedicated to her and then the father walks down the aisle. But its primarily the way you want it to be and your father should be delighted that you want the most two important people walk you down. Also.. that you don't just want to walk down alone.

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From my experience my friends who are Jewish typically have both parents walk them down the aisle but I'm not sure if it was a personal preference or to do with their faith. I think my father would have a fit if I suggested they both walk me down (though my father shows little interest in walking me down the aisle but that's another story). I'm not always traditional but I personally only want my dad walking me down the aisle, it's kinda his part in my opinion.

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In most Jewish weddings, the groom is escorted by his parents, and the bride is escorted by hers.

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I broke tradition and let my two beautiful daughters walk me down the aisle. Life has brought us full circle and I thought it was a wonderful idea. My mom and step-dad were upset but I did the walk down the aisle with dad thing over 22 years ago. Mom and dad should be honored to escort you on your special day.

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Thank you for your help with this! It's so hard to want something and feel guilty about it but everyone's input made me feel better about my decision. Much appreciated. xx

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Don't feel guilty about it. Its a wonderful gesture to honor both of your parents in that way. Your dad will get used to the idea and take pride in his contribution.

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Thanks Kelly. By the way, you look awesome in your dress!

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If I had it my way, my mom would just be walking me down. but then my dad would get mad...ladada whatever. so they are both walking me down.
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