Engagement ring tacked to wedding band?
My engagement ring fits into my wedding band (see pic), and my jeweler recommended I have them tacked together. Its not a permanent thing so if I ever want them separated they can do it, but I'm still wondering whether I should do it or not. I'm sure I'll be annoyed if my engagement ring is constantly spinning around and not sitting nicely in the band, but I'm also really fickle and am afraid I'll change my mind after about a month. What if I want to wear the band without the diamond? Has anyone had any experience with this? Would you recommend doing it?

Thanks ladies!

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I'd leave them separate. Personally, I like having the option of wearing my wedding band alone or with the e-ring. I've never actually heard of tacking a ring together...if it's not permanent like soldering them together is...maybe try it out and see how it feels?

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i thought about it for mine as well, but then i wear gloves an mess with animals all the time, so i've decided against it b/c i want to be able to just wear my band with the gloves or just the band when i'm messing with meat and such so i don't mess the diamond and setting up...

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my concern would be the two rings constantly rubbing on each other since they fit into one another. if they were tacked there'd be less of a chance of them rubbing on each other and wearing themselves down. hope that makes sense, lol.
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My mother had her promise ring with engagement jacket and the wedding band all tacked together and wore them that way for over 10 years. on the tenth anniversary a "Love" band with a heart shaped diamond was added to the set, fusing all 4 rings into one. She wore those for another 15 years. She has since had all the rings melded down and redesigned into one smaller beautiful piece, but she was very satisfied with having done this, and never wore the pieces individually. It REALLY reduces the wear and tear on the rings by preventing them from rubbing together and rolling around too much.

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I'm having a similar internal debate, because I initially wanted to get them sodered together, but I have a raised setting on my engagement ring and hate that I can't wear gloves with it or anything...I also take it off when I sleep because I tried it a few times and kept hurting myself haha...If I didn't get them attached, I could just wear my wedding band all the time and then the engagement ring when I can...

But I'm also like you that it would drive me crazy to have them spinning around...one of my friends still wears both, but they are not connected, and her engagement ring is constantly spinning and in the wrong place...it even drives me crazy and I'm not the one wearing them! That's awesome that your jeweler offers a non-permanent solution though, so I would definitely try both options for a while and see which you prefer!

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Ya know, I've never heard of this before. I really enjoy having the option of wearing one ring without the other. My job is really 'hands-on', so I don't wear my e-ring to work right now because it scratches it up and I'm afraid the prongs will bend. As soon as we get married, I will wear my wedding band to work, and leave my e-ring home. It just works better for me. However, if it's not permanent, you could try it and see what you think! If you choose to give it a try, let us know how it goes!

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I hadn't thought about them rubbing together! That's a really good point! I also wear my e-ring 24/7... I don't take it off for anything. Goskell that is a really sweet story about your mother!

I just called to ask the jeweler some questions about it and he said I don't even need to leave it there, I can just wait for 5-10 mins and it will be ready! I think I'm convinced, I'll do it! I will definitely takes pics and show you all what it looks like when I get it done.

The only problem is that I'll have them tacked together a few days before the wedding, so I'll have to wear a stand-in ring so that I'm not wearing my wedding band before we're actually married (and also so I don't scratch it up)!

Thanks for your help everyone! :D

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mine are separate... I like them that way... you are right, even if you don't plan to wear them separately, what if?... what if I just want to wear the wedding band, cuz the diamond gets stock on something you are going to do, so to take care of your fingers, you have to take them out for a while?

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I travel constantly to places I won't take my e-ring, so I like the fact I can still have my wedding band on.

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I will being going into the medical field where i wear gloves everyday and sharp rings, especially my marquise diamond, can pierce the gloves, so mine will remain separate so i can keep only the wedding band on at work.

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Maybe you should consider tacking them together after you get married... that way you won't have to wear the stand-in ring!

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If that is a picture of the set, won't the band look like something is missing without your e-ring? It looks to me like more of a wrap, than just a band. If your set was an actual band with an E-ring that stood alone then I could see why you might consider only wearing the band sometimes. But like I said it looks like more of a wrap and I would get them attached so they stay together but I would wait until after the wedding to have them attached

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Meta A, you're right, it is a wrap. It looks a little funky alone but I would probably still wear it that way... I like funky. ;) However, since I haven't taken my e-ring off for one day in the last 20 months, I don't think I will after we're married either.

FH told me I should wait until after the wedding too, but since I've lost weight my e-ring needs to be resized, AND I really want to get it cleaned and shined up for the photos. So I'll probably have it done then, too.
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