Engagement Pictures.. what to wear
We have engagement pics in a few weeks and I was just wondering what would be the best colors for my fiance and I to wear? We are getting indoor and outdoor photos. Also, should we just stick to solid colors?? Or are prints, stripes, etc. ok?

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Hello AMarie,

I am not a photographer, but usually solid colors work best. You don't want to wear something that is to busy in your photographs. The business will draw attention away from you and your fiance. The best way is to keep whatever you choose to wear very simple. Your favorite outfits are probably made in the colors that suit you best, so you can take your color cue from those.

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My fiance and I are doing ours in two weeks. We picked out clothes that coordinated but did not match too much. I'm wearing a yellow sundress with a brown necklace and brown shoes and he's wearing a brown polo with white and blue stripes. The two look good next to each other, and compliment each other very well, but it doesn't look too matchy. I've seen a lot of bad pictures where the couple look like they bought the exact same thing, just in different sizes. Try to keep the patterns down to one person - if both of you are in patterns it might clash. Trust your gut - if you think you two don't match then change, because you're going to think that you don't and be uncomfortable.
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Ask your photographer what he/she recommends as they should know you well, know what would work and so forth. My engagement shoots are for the couple and what fits them, for example, so I try to keep them wearing somewhat what they would normally wear. And sometimes what works for one couple won't for another. A photographer's job is to make the couple look great! Hence, they should know your body type (thin, "normal", plump, fat, etc.) as colors do make a difference to the final shot. If they can't answer the question, run! No, seriously, any good professional photographer should be able to advise you.

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do not wear white as it will wash you out. Our photog also told us not to wear matching colors because if you both have the same solid color shirt on you will blend together and that won't make for great pictures. Also pick something that is somewhat of a classic style, don't pick some crazy print that may not be in fashion 30 years from now. We picked colors that complemented eachother...see my profile for some of our engagement pictures. We wore 2 outfits for our pics, one more dressy and the other casual.

a great look would be for your FI to wear a striped button down shirt and for you to pick a solid color top to match the stripes in his.

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Just make sure its something that you think you look good in and vice versa. Maybe bring one or two changes of cloths so that you can get a different feel at each location. Like a dress and pants.

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Hi! I would recommend NOT wearing crazy patterns, big stripes/dots etc. Go with solid and simple. Nice colors that compliment your skin tone would be wonderful! Make sure you are wearing clothes that make you look and feel like you! Dressy-Casual is hte way you might want to go, take a nice sweater or light jasket with you in case it gets a little chilly and windy. You might want to take a few 'props' with you, such as sunglasses, team jersey's/hats, your beloved pets, etc. Just give your photographer a call and just go over with him/her what style of photos you want, photo-journalistic, candids, formal posing, etc. They'll give you some ideas of what to bring and wear! Have fun, and remember to be corny..those are the best shots!
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