Engagement Pictures? Hairstyles and clothing? Vendors welcomed;)
Hi all- just wondering what some good hairstyles for engagement pictures are. I have fairly generic hair: brown, medium wavy, just past my shoulders. I almost always wear it up, but want to do something different for the pictures. Are there pictures and clothes that look better in engagement pictures? Our pictures will be outside and I'm getting my hair done, but I was looking for some partially up (so it's not in my face) ideas? anyone have good ideas? or know of things that won't work?--- thanks!

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Have to get our engagement shoot done soon too! I can't decided if jeans or a dress would be better... can't wait to hear what people say.

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Generally speaking the engagement photos are more casual than the wedding pics are. They should be more like you two naturally are but shined up a little (because they are pictures!) As far as clothes go, I'd avoid really busy prints because they are harder to photograph.
Maybe just pulling some of the hair back with your bangs and some wispy strands around your face would look nice. Kinda like this

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anyone else have ideas? or a good website that has some ideas? help!
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Hey all, I have a page on my site discussing this. i would have to post at least 15 times to put it on here.

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Hi! Here are some tips I send to my brides: For the girl: Color! Wear your favorite colors, but I like brighter colors. Layer. Avoid all white and all black ensembles, it won't show up with enough contrast on film. Patterns should be in moderation. Please make sure that your hair and makeup are in the shape / color you want them to be in. It's also fun for the girl to wear some jewelry and accessorize either with a belt, something in her hair, the shoes... whatever suits you!

For the guy: Depending on how formal the girl is, match that. If the girl wears jeans then the guy can wear jeans but otherwise, khaki, formal pants, and dark slacks work just as well. Please avoid sneakers if you can but dark shoes are good. Also, avoid all white and all black ensembles. If you want to match colors to the girl but don't want to get too matchey, think same hues - pastels, solids..

The best colors are ones where there is contrast - it helps the camera focus faster and diversifies your wardrobe.

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We just had ours a about a week or so ago. i wore dress tan colored pants & a brown dress shirt with heels. And FH wore jeans and a dark colored button down shirt untuck with no tie so it was pretty casuall but we both looked nice, and i just lightly curled the ends of my hair. I'll post some when we get them back.
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