Engagement Parties....What goes on during one and who pays for what??!
I have NO clue as to what goes on during the engagement party...including who pays for what and if the guests are supposed to bring a gift (or 2)? Are the Future In Laws's or the bride's parents supposed to pay for it and where on earth is it supposed to be? Also, how dressy do they have to be? I'm the type that would rather be in a pair of jeans and a t shirt than a dress. Can someone please explain to me the point of the engagement party??!

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typically some one thows one for you they pay for it. No one offered one for us so we didnt have one. Not a big deal Ive been to a few its really just to celebrate a couple getting engaged. Ive always brought gifts when ive gone. typicaly a bottle of wine and a set of wine glasses is what i always give at an engagement party

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In this day and age- ALL parties, the wedding, rehearsal, etc are paid for by the couple. THe detaisl are up to you. Our engagement party was a bbq at our home- because we wanted something casual to celebrate with our friends. I know people who have had huge parties that are just as big as the wedding, with semi-formal attire, etc.

The whole point is to announce your engagement and have those close to you (preferably those who will also be invited to the wedding) celebrate your engagement. They are actually not very common anymore.

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i really have no idea we did not have one

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No one offered to do one for us, but we went out each with our own bridal party to celebrate, the girls had a girls night and guys had a guys night. It was nice The girls wanted to take me out for drinks, so they paid. Same with the guys. :) Kinda wish we'd thrown one to announce our engagement to the family, but honestly the only one day I ever wish to have them all in the same room at the same time is on my wedding day. No need to go through that twice!

Usually, whoever is throwing the party would pay for it. But you shouldn't expect someone to do it for you and pay for it.. if anything, you can ask for assistance if you plan to do it, but you would pay yourself since you are the one actually throwing it. I don't know if etiquette agrees with that logic, but it sure makes sense to me!
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We have friends throwing one for us this weekend. They just kinda sprung it on us. They are asking everyone to bring a covered dish, but they've paid for everything else.
It is a luau themed party with a pig roast and margarita machines. People were told to were bathing suits, since the pool and hot tub are open, or hawaiian attire. ( I guess we'll add them to the wedding guest list after all of this!)

I really think the party is what you make it and the details are up to the host.

*Sorry if my spelling sucks. Don't feel like spell checking today. =)

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My parents threw us an engagement party for just the wedding party and very close family. It was just a little fancier than a bbq, but was just in my parents back yard. We were excepting gifts but we got a few nice gift baskets of wine and engraved stemless wine glasses. We just eat and went swimming and basically partied!
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