Eicher Art Center in Ephrata, PA
My FH and I were looking at some pictures online and liked this place. Does anyone have any information or prices that they would be able to share with me? Thanks...

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I don't but if you got the website maybe there is an email that you can ask someone for more information?
best of luck..
*you're not too far from me :-d*

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check this place out.. it looks very very nice.. no clue on the price range tho sorry..

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i was just being curious and i checked the cameron estate inn,,, and wow that place is sooo nice... but i dont live close by...

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Cameron Estate Inn is GORGEOUS. It was definitely on my list. Then I read through the wedding information online and I'm pretty sure you have to rent the entire B&B or a good amount of them if you're having a certain time slotted wedding. Some other places to look up there are Lime Spring Farm and Mulberry Art Studios! Best of luck! :)

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Thanks, I do have a site for the Eicher Art Center. It seems to be a really neat place. I was just seeing if anyone had any more info than that or not. Where are you from Mayo?

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I PMed you Kathryn...
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What theme do you want for your wedding? We looked at the Cameron Estate Inn as well for our wedding. There was another B&B right off of 441 that we looked into. There is a rustic barn that does weddings a bit closer to Lancaster as well that comes HIGHLY recommended.

IIRC, for the Cameron, they have an add on building where you can have the reception. Plenty of parking. My friend lives right down the street from there so we pass it frequently. It was relatively pricey, not sure what your budget is.

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Im getting married there in October. Here is a site i created that has a ton of photos. Email me for more information like pricing :)

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WOW! Treasure trove of photo options there!!! Your photographer will be ecstatic!
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