Dropping Weight After Alterations???
Have any of you ladies dropped enough weight in the last month (or so) of your wedding that your dress actually had to be taken in, again? I just completed my last fitting and I was able to take the dress home with me. The bust area fits perfect, although, I could lose an inch and it would fit even better.

I just decided to try a month of Nutrisystem and I should be receiving my order in a day or two. I can lose a couple pounds and still fit into my dress, but I'd obviously like to lose more if possible. Have you lost weight in the coming weeks before your wedding and when you went to go try your dress on it was too big? I'm just a little nervous since all the alterations are done. I've gained a few pounds since my last fitting and I think I can lose what I gained, but with the stress and everything that will be coming I wonder if the dress will still be okay.

Just wanted to get a feel for if any of you had dramatic weight loss in the days leading up to your big day...

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Jillian....This may seem strange, but keep in mind what part of your cycle you are in today.... and where you will be for your wedding. You may naturally lose the weight, I would be careful trying to loose weight before the wedding, definitely no more than 5 lbs. Also the dress on weekly to make sure it fits/doesn't fit. and the week of your wedding stop trying to loose weight. You probably wont be able to get the dress taken in in time for the wedding.

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I had my first fitting 5 weeks before my wedding and lost about 10 lbs in between. I had a 2d fitting 3 weeks prior and my final fitting 1 week prior...they had to take it in further at both fittings. The shop delivered my dress to my house the day before the wedding so it wasn't a big deal.

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I should say that I wasn't trying to lose weight...it simply happened because of the stress and chaotic hours I was working at the same time.

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I had my first fitting about 3 weeks ago and the 2nd one is coming up soon again. I hope to have lost another 5-7 lbs but I was also told that if the alterations are dramatic, that I would have to pay. So basically, if I lose 25 by September, I will have to dish out $$$.

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I got mine altered at DB, so after the 2nd fitting I was able to take it home because it fit. I had a bad experience with the alterations and just wanted to have it fixed, fit, and take it home and be done with them. If needed, my grandma has a woman who used to do bridal dress alterations and now works out of her house. Her turnaround is pretty quick, so I think I'll re-assess 2 weeks before the wedding and go from there. Thanks or the input ladies!

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A related question- do additional alterations typically cost more? I talked to a lady at DB and she gave me all of their prices. I didn't think to ask about the costs of additional fittings. Would you have to pay twice if you had it taken in more during a second fitting?

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I was told by DB that I can keep coming in for my fittings and once I'm satisfied and the dress fits I'm able to take it home. Once you choose to take it home you sign the back of the receipt that releases liability to DB and if, for some reason, you need to bring it back to have it taken in/let out again, then they will charge you for the services... Just for a gauge, my dress had to be taken in everywhere, hemmed, and I needed eight bustles. The total was $270...

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I think it depends on where you go. I got my dress from DB but I'm having it altered some place yes. She does the last fitting on 09/28/11 my wedding is 10/8/11, she said that she will have the dress to me before we leave for Florida on 10/4/11, just in case I have lost weight since my second to third fitting. But she dose not charge to take it in even more

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Thanks, Jillian. I was quoted right around that if I do need everything (sides, hem, "arm", bustle). I just wanted to make sure that I wouldn't have to pay that twice!

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The only way you may have to "pay" twice is if you change your undergarment and/or shoes and it changes the way the dress fits. For example if you go from a 4in heel to a flat, and it was already hemed for the 4 in heel, you may have to pay again for it to be hemmed to a flat.

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My last fitting will be about 2 weeks before the wedding. Cutting it close, but I know on my diet and exercise plan that I will drop probably 1/2 the weight I need to lose in the month before, so doing it earlier makes no sense.

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I purchased my dress at DB but chose to take it to a private place to have the alterations. I needed it hemmed approximately 5 inches, a 5 point bustle and in taken in a good bit on each side during my first fitting.
My second fitting I had lost more weight (not intentionally) and she had to take it in even more. At that point she told me if I continued to lose weight she could take it in a bit more if she "really had to" but she preferred to that I stopped losing weight. At one point she told me to eat a cheesesteak. Lol. I've never had to pay an additional price.

I go for my final fitting on Monday, the 15th and my wedding is Friday, the 19th.

O, and all of my alterations cost $185.00.
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