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FH and I are sitting here going over the drink menu. We are doing the
Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue , but we are stuck on the Something New drink. Any help or suggestions would be helpful .

SO- Crown & Coke
SN - ?
SBorrowed- Long Island Iced Tea
SBlue - Hypnotic

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Vodka and coke. or hennesy and coke. Chocolate martini, with hershey kiss in it
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I LOVE this idea!!!!

As for something new... hmmmm What about a scooby snack? It's a creamy-ish drink. Or a liquid cocaine? But those are REALLY strong. How about an LA Water? It's very similar to a Long Island though. How about something like the pre-bottled skinny girl cocktails? That could be a good lo-cal option for your weight-conscious guests, too. And it's brand new this year I think. Good luck! Have fun!
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"Something new" is begging for you to make something up that goes with your theme or includes a liquor that you love. My current fave is St. Germain (and the bottle is amazing), but you could do a Pomi-Prosecco cocktail (it'll be deep pink), or even one of the harvest beers that come out at that time of the year. One of my cool couples did a beer bar with very, very cool garnishes like beer batter onion rings (looped over the rim of the glass, very neat) or a bacon wrapped something on a skewer across the top of the glass.

I'd also think of something more classic for the 'something old'; a Manhattan, Sidecar, Old Fashioned....even a classic martini; something 'Mad Men"-ish; Crown and Coke really isn't old and not stylish enough for such a great theme bar (an idea that I am stealing, by the way....)
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