Has anyone purchased dresses from Dressale.com? I've seen a couple reviews where they suggest not to get dresses from her. I wanted to find out if anyone had any experiences with this website. Thanks for your help!

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I am thinking about ordering dresses from there... shouldn't I? There are so cheap..

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Me too! Anyone have any experience with them?

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I was wondering the same thing. I found the perfect dress but I'm not sure if I should trust this website.

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I can tell you my story and you can draw your own conclusions.

I won't consider ever ordering from them again.

I ordered my reception dress from this website (I fell in love with the dress on another website but found it on dressale.com for less money) so I ordered it. According to the website, it would take at most 21 days with delivery. With my order being placed on Feb 2nd, I figured that would be plenty of time to have before my wedding on March 5th. I had email correspondence with dressale several times and they indicated that I would receive my dress by March 1st. Well, last week, I still did not have a tracking number, so I emailed them again, and they assured me the dress would be here. So, when I still did not have a tracking number this Monday (5 days out from my wedding) I called them in Hong Kong and was told it was delayed!

They led me to believe that everything would be here in time. I thought they were very unprofessional.

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DO NOT BUY from Dresssale.com
My experience with them has been horrific, and that's putting it mildly.
They took my money quick enough, that was the only quick thing they did.
I was told I'd have my dresses on March 6th .. that didn't happen. Then I was told March 12th the dresses would be shipped and I would have a tracking number. Well guess what ... when I tried to log onto their site BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE THE SHIPPING TRACKING NUMBER their website has crashed. I've spent hours in the past month dealing with this company and it's a scam. DO NOT ORDER FROM Dresssale.com

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Wow! What horrible experiences! I'm so sorry you ladies had to go through that. At least now a few of us will be warned.
CrystalS. I hope you were able to find a dress in time! I can't imagine what you went through waiting for it.

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I ordered three dresses all for family and friends weddings.
These were ordered in Jan 11 fore delivery in Apr 11.
It is now May and i still have no dresses or refund!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cancelled the order on 29th of Mar 11 as i had been given the run around about delivery and just how far the dresses had actually progressed. They were to be sent on the 10th of March, on the 29th they were still "being processed"....
I was told lies during the whole ordering process.
I have proof through emails trying to get my money, and they have now been forwarded on to the bank who is trying to recover my money.

Save yourself the frustration and go local or to a dress maker with a picture.
This has been a horrible experience and for someone who regularly buys of the net and is normally quite careful, i still managed to get duped by fraud.
Be careful.

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Here is what I sent on a $180 dress....

I ordered this dress in Feb with the correct size info and my APO address clearly sent back to me in a reply on Feb 13. Everything was ok. They soooooo wanted to get the "alterations" correct

Then on March 25 I SUDDENLY get an email telling me you do not ship to APO AE PO Boxes

Finally I have the dress shipped to my daughters physical adress so she could turn around and reship it to our nomal mailing address.

Then we get it on May 2nd and there is no way this dress is a size 10 w a 31 waist and it looks like something hanging at a Dillard bargan basement sale.

I have bought many items on line and this is the absolute sorriest service I have ever received.
Where do I send this $45 off the rack peice of @#$% back for a full refund?


They offered only a $30 discount????? So much for their 100% stisfaction pledge!


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I'm going through this horror right now! I am getting married at the court house then having a big reception in the fall, when we were planning on having the wedding (oops, baby! (: ) so I was looking for a casual white dress. I didn't realize ALL there dresses were "custom made" so I thought there'd be a chance I could have it in time.

As soon as I ordered my dress, I recieved an email asking me to make sure everything was correct, and that I'd have the dress by June 15. Since my wedding is May 20th, I apologized and said I'd just need to cancel my order.

They said they could do that, but I'd be charged a $20 fee for choosing to use Paypal as my payment option, WHICH I DIDN'T USE! I used my credit card. After FOUR emails back and forth, all from different people, saying the same thing, I went back to the website to try and find a phone number to complain. NO PHONE NUMBER! I had to either email them or use there "live chat"....

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...I did that this morning, and told the lady I wanted a phone number. She wouldn't give me one, and gave me the same run around and all the same responses from the other emails. I told her she needed to give me a phone number or I was going to call my credit card company, and a lawyer (little fib).

She took forever to respond back. Then said if I didn't have any more questions this conversation would automatically end. I got on the phone with my credit card company. She then said, "sorry, our phone is broken. you will recieve a full refund tomorrow. Please give it 3 days."

I told my credit card company about all of it, and if I don't get a FULL refund in 3 days, we're going to dispute it. I saved all the emails and the conversation with the lady this morning. I also suggest going to the Better Business Bureau to report them so no one else has these problems.

I better be getting my money back!

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I ordered my wedding dress from there because it was so cheap. I agree that they are a little late on the shipping and it is very annoying but my dress is absolutely gorgeous. I honestly couldn't be happier I saved alot of money for the same quaility dress I would have gotten from a bridal shop. Sorry some of you have had awful experiences.

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I recently bought a dress for one of my bridesmaids from Dressale.com. When the dress arrived it was the wrong color (black, not blue), the hems were uneven (the sides were longer than the front and back and none were the same length), the skirt was way too short (mid thigh instead of knee length), and the straps were so short she could not move her arms.
This is a clear case of a defective product. However, they have refused to refund the $120 I spent. They have only offered a $20 refund and $20 discount on future orders.
This has been possibly the worst customer service experience ever. When I emailed their customer service and asked how to return the dress and get a refund, I was given the complete runaround. First, they insisted that I take pictures and measurements of the dress so they could share them with their manufacturer so the manufacturer could decide if there was a problem. Then they told me that I should take it to a local tailor to have it altered and they would reimburse me. Multiple emails later I still couldn't convince them that the wrong color could not be fixed or that made the dress unwearable. Plus each time you email it goes to a general email box so I had to repeat the problem over and over again to at least 6 or 7 different people.
This company refuses to take responsibility for the quality of their products or the satisfaction of their customers. In the last email they have sent to me, they told me that they could only refund me $20 because they could not bear the burden of lossing money on the dress. Apparently it is fine if I lose $100 on the defective dress.

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I bought my dress from them and am completely satisfied with the outcome. They even sent it 2 weeks earlier than expected. I also bought my two flower girl dresses from there are beautiful. My advice...buy it a size larger and hire a seamstress that specializes in wedding dresses to get a perfect fit and fix anything that would not have hung correctly unless it was actually on your body.

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i just purchased 2 bridesmaid dresses from them. I opened the package and one dress had a broken zipper. I contacted them IMMEDIATELY. They said that it had been checked for quality, control. Then they told me to take it to my local place to have it altered. They could care less. I'm going to the bank ASAP to dispute charges. DO NOTORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!! Terrible reputation-read reviews. I will also be contacting all agencies I can.

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I read all the bad reviews but decided to try anyway. Thank goodness I only ordered one bridesmaid dress to see the quality. VERY POOR .. numerous flaws. I'm in disputes with them now and they don't want to refund! My advice is STAY AWAY!
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