Dress Alterations...Davids Bridal vs Local
So I bought my wedding dress at David's Bridal and I am trying to figure out if I should get it altered there or with someone local? Any advice??

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I bought my dress from DB, i decided to get my alterations done their as well, i figure because it is a davids brida line gown they would know their dress best, from what i hear it depends on the david's, i would try to find reviews

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I bought my dress at Alfred Angelo and I have heard that alterations can be super expensive there. By word of mouth I heard of a woman who does alterations at a local cleaners who does amazing work for 1/2 the price, so when the time comes I will be going to her, after doing my research of course! Good luck :)

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I plan on going back to DB for my alterations, like Krystal said its their dress they probably know it best and can crank out the work the best. I have a lace dress so I really don't want to chance it.

My first wedding i went to a shop who didn't have in house alterations they recommended some one and she did a horrible job =/ so get reviews first. the interwebs is a wonderful tool, use it so you don't regret it.

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Best idea...get quotes. I got my dress at David's, heard they were expensive for alterations but the "local" quotes I got were almost 2x the amount DB wanted.

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Definitely check around. In our area, there are two super independent seamstresses with stellar reviews and reasonable rates. But your area may be totally different.

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My daughters dress came from DB. But, we used a local seamstress for alterations. I have no clue if there would have been a price difference, but, we trusted the seamstress.

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Try local!! Even more so, try independent, at home type ladies! I went to a seamstress shop in town, and she had quoted me $180 for the hem, bust taken in, and bustle. I found a lady that did a mutual friend's wedding dress, and she is charging me $50!! Also steaming my dress and veil, and doing my BM's for under 20!!

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I heard that the alterations can be pretty pricey also. When i asked my consultant at DB how much alterations are roughly she said around 120 dollars. I was telling my FMIL and she said even though it might be more expensive, it might be worth it because atleast if DB messes up they would have to replace it, where as if anything happened at someone elses business, your kind of screwed. So I think im going to do mine at DB, unless someone I know refers me to someone else that they have experience with.

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LOCAL! My mom was quoted $200 just for her bottom hem at DB. I went local and got all my alterations done for $200 (bottom hem, sides, neckline fixed, etc)

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Definitely shop around. Google wedding dress alterations in your area, that's how I found mine. She had 100% positive reviews and he prices were about 50% less than DB.
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