Dress Alterations- Average Cost?
Hey guys,

I'm going to contact a few alteration shops locally. But before I do, what was the average cost of your wedding gown alterations? Maybe a hem job, taking it in, adding boning, adding buttons, flowers, etc.

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There are several factors that play into the cost, how difficult is the aleteration, type of gown, material of gown, etc. Example I have a Maggie Sottero gown with lots of ruffles at bottom making the hem extremely difficult so the hem alone is costing me $180, bussle $48 and tucks to take in $85...so my $1300 gown just became a $1600 gown. But if gown is a simple style may not be as costly!!! Good luck!

Lee I.
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Yikes lady! I will be calling around soon! Looks like I need to budget for the alterations as well!

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My $1200 dress cost $250. There were lots of layers and they had to take it in all over. The bustle was very reasonable since she just added one loop that attaches to the buttons on the back.

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Great question. I had asked David's for an alternations list and they said they couldn't give me one since alternations can differ depending on the dress. I understand this, but a price range would be nice for a hem, taking in, adding buttons, etc.

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mine cost about 180 & i took it to DB it only needed 2 things done to it the hem & adding buttons on the back of the dress

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Mine was free it was included in the purchase of the dress, from my bridal salon

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Just a bustle for me was about $180.

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mines 500.... and im really debating taking it elsewhere.

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I had a lot of hemming, taking it in, bringing down the top of the dress, and a bustle, and it came to 200.

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8 inches of very extensive hemming, adding the bustle, and taking in the bodice = $300 for my $1150 dress.

That's at an independent seamstress. Shop around. Not only is she way cheaper than the big bridal shops, she's genius and her schedule is totally flexible. My bridal shop would have wanted to alter my dress 8 weeks in advance b/c they get so busy. She's making time to do my bodice alterations 10 days before the wedding b/c she knows my body has been changing a lot. To me, that's priceless. :)

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The bridal salon I got my dress from said it should be about $300 for everything. I am like 5'2 so I will def need it hemmed and they might have to take it in on the top. But the bustle and the belt are actually whats going to cost the most. Each bustle point is like $10 so well see how many bustle I will need. And the belt came witht he dress but I want to get it sewn into the dress and thats and extra $50. So I guess $300 isnt all that bad. Good Luck@!

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I used to work for AA they tell people to typically budget for alterations 1/3 of what the dress cost.

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Yikes guys!! If you had a choice between a custom dress made by a seamstress for 700-800 or a pre-owned never used wedding dress with alterations for $600 what would you go with? Seems like I should just get it made.. I just don't know if the seamstress will be able to completely duplicate the dress I have seen..

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Depends on the seamstress....

I think you're going to run up the cost with the boning and taking in. Those things alter the structure of the dress more than just adding buttons or flowers. When you alter the structure of a dress, it seems more expensive than just getting a hem or bustle. At least that's what I would think.....

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LOL Kris.. couldn't the dress I like be $200?! Is it just me !? I guess I just can't find a reason to spend so much money on a dress for a day. And I know I can have it shortened for later use and alter it.. bust still.. $700-$800 for a day? Why are things sooo expensive?!

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I know this post is over a year old but in case anyone is googling this kind of question (like I was) here is my info: I bought a size 8 gown on clearance for $299. I am a size "0" so a lot needed to be taken in as well as the hem (I'm 5'2"). It is a lace gown with beading and it cost me $450 in alterations.

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I'm hearing that my alterations will be between $400 and $450. That is waaaaaay more than I'm looking to spend so I guess I have to shop around.

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I have attached the pic of my dress. It doesn't have a train, so I want the hem to be taken out, or to cut into the dress and add a train. Another option to solve this would be if there was a way to just add on some chiffon or tulle fabric to a pretty beaded attachment piece onto the back...? just to help with the fullness of it from behind.

Lastly, I am obsessed with deep cut low backs and this dress has that, however I want it just to be a couple inches lower.

The dress is very simple and satin. Does anyone have a ballpark guess of what price figure I would be looking at? any advice?


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