Dragging FH to See Titanic in 3D Tomorrow...
Such a romantic movie...agree or disagree?
It always makes me cry, no matter how many times I've seen it. I'm sure I'll be bawling my eyes out even more tomorrow since it will be in 3D lol

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Not a huge fan of the movie in theory but anytime it's on TV I can't look away and I end up watching the whole thing with commercials. It takes like 5 hours. FH makes fun of me every time.


I bet it would be really cool in 3D, the special effects are pretty amazing. Have fun.

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Haha me and FH are going on Sunday hopefully. I always cry too lol.

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Kris, meeee too! My FH makes fun of me when I watch it on tv too. He's always like "why don't you just buy the damn movie for 10 bucks and not have to watch the commercials" lol
krystle, have fun! bring tissues! :)

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oh goodness I cant wait!!! I am dragging FH, my good friend and his good friend to see it with me!!! myself and his friend are the only ones excited lol!!!!

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Omg it was so incredibly good!
Watching it in 3D was AMAZING! It literally felt like you were in the movie!
When the ship was sinking and the water was rushing up everywhere I caught myself holding my breath! haha!
And of course, it was even more emotional in 3D and I bawled like a baby, just like pretty much every other woman (and some men!) in the theater.
It might sound lame, but I totally want to see it again this weekend lol

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It is one of my all time favorite movies. I remembered a co-worker and I ditched work when it came out to go see it. It makes me cry as well. I think every single solitary person in that movie was perfectly cast!

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Ohhh I wanted to go see it but I'm not sure I could sit still for that long lol. When it first came out we bought the VHS (lmao oh yea i said it, vhs baby!) and I had to keep hitting pause so I could walk around to do stuff haha. Maybe since it's 3D I'd get into it more...

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lol @ Cyndi. I loved it so much that I didn't even realize how long it was when I saw it in the theater and I wanted to say that I own a copy of it on VHS but thought I'd already embarrassed myself enough with my 'gushiness' lol

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LOL Rowena, I totally agree, that movie had the perfect cast! I will forever be in love with Leo Dicaprio!!
Cyndi, if you watch it in 3D you will totally be able to sit thru all of it! It's so much more exciting, you really feel like you're in the movie
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