Donate to the honeymoon for the gift?
My FH and I have been talking about going with one of those websites where guests can donate towards your honeymoon in stead of giving you an actual gift or money. Has anyone else decided to do this? I kind of want to because I feel like we have so much as it is and the thought of registering for things we don't need seems ridiculous! But he is on the fence. I feel like we can register for some things and then give the guests the option of helping us out with the honeymoon expense.

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my fh and i are thinking about doing the same thing. we are in the same boat like you all. but i really like the idea of having the honeymoon as a gift.

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We're not doing this, but IMO giving your guests the option would be the best way to go.

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Agree with lovestruck. And make sure you use a service that doesn't charge a fee. That is just a waste of money. You could deposit your own checks and keep that 3-5%. 3-5% of a few $1000 is worth having in your pocket.

Many people may not pay this close attention, but as a guest, I would probably choose another gift option if I discovered that 3-5(6?)% was going to a very unnecessary service fee.
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We purchased a house 3 years ago and really have no need for household items so we will actually be doing a honeymoon registry. They have a variety of different websites that offer this service as well as some resorts have their own honeymoon registry site as well.

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We are in the same boat. We have everything we need as far as household items, so we are asking guests to donate towards the honeymoon. We aren't using a site, because I'm skeptical about giving a random site money....and the ones that seem more "legit" charge a fee. If you find one that's reputable and doesn't charge a fee let me know!

We basically put on the website and we'll spread word-of-mouth, that we would prefer not to receive gifts...but that they are welcome to donate towards the honeymoon. Or some such

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We had a traditional registry, but we also created a honeymoon registry and we're SO glad we did. Our guests seemed to really like it too, because they felt like they were giving us an experience on our honeymoon instead of just writing us a check. We used TravelersJoy instead of HoneyFund, because the money goes through them instead of directly from the guest into our PayPal account like with HoneyFund (we felt it was a little tacky that way). The service fee was worth it for us. Here's our page, in case you want to get an idea of what it might look like.

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Aug 13, 2011 at 11:10 AM • Flag As Inappropriate I think is a great idea!

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We're doing the same thing. We have a house, it's full of stuff. We decided to do a honeymoon registry with

On this site, if there are any items you want for the house, etc. you can add them on your wish list. It's not specific. So the guests can choose or they can surprise you and buy the thing you want.

We're also doing donations to a charity if they choose.

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We have both traditional registry and honeymoon registry to give our guests a choice.

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we have a honeymoon registry and a traditional registry. Some people used the honeymoon registry for my bridal shower and loved the idea. We went with honeyfund, and it prints a gift certificate and then they wrote us a check, it worked out great

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We wanted to do it, but gave up because of the fees. It just seemed ridiculous. @J&R S., I haven't seen any that doesn't charge a fee?

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My husband and I did one with Honeymoon Pixie (, and it was fantastic. Yes, they do charge fees, but you can set it up so that they come out on your end and not for your guests. Personally, I liked this better, and the sites that don't charge fees have all sorts of advertisements on your registry page, which is really tacky. They also sell your info to wedding vendors, so you end up getting tons of junk mail.

Honeymoon Pixie has the lowest fees out there, and our guests really loved contributing to our Paris honeymoon! :)

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we're using for this and it's awesome! great service, feels like a gift, and they send you your money really fast. it's been nice to streamline things instead of having random gifts/checks coming piecemeal in the mail. they organize it all for you, and make it ok to 'ask' since it's just like a regular registry. totally worth it.
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