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Hi Ladies, I don't live near a Dollar tree and would like some info. These questions might sound stupid, but I really need to know lol. I was looking at their champagne glasses online and wondered, are they quality glasses? And (dumb question) if it says online exclusive, this means you cannot get it in the store, correct? Thanks :)

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the Dollar tree actually does have some nice items there. That can be used for you wedding. i am actually going to get me floating candle holder from there. i would believe that online eclusive means it's only online.

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I have bought stemwear from them that held up better for events than stemwear that I have rented from top of the line event rental companies. As a matter of fact, my margarita glasses and champagne flutes I use at home came from Dollar Tree. :)

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I got my vases at Dollar Tree. They are 4x4 square vases and will be perfect for my centerpieces. Also all my glasses and bowls are from Dollar Tree. I love that place!

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I am getting some candle votives there for my wedding. I do go there every once in a while and there stuff is pretty nice for the price. It doesn't look cheap at all

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I love dollar tree. Some of their stuff is cheap but most is great. I am getting my vases from there.

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I love Dollar Tree....

I actually bought a bunch of clear vases and some colored votives...I went in for 15 $1 frames to spray paint silver and I left with 60 items...

I was very surprised at the quality...

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We're getting a Dollar Tree here, I cannot wait until it opens! Hopefully it won't do what Goodwill did (we recently got a Goodwill and it's expensive! Who wants to pay $10 for used jeans when we can get new jeans for the same price at Ross?).
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