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I think it's an opportunity for the bride and groom to dance, and have people give them money, during the dance. My FH says it's traditional in hispanic weddings.

The concept is tacky...and reminds me of strippers. If people want to give you money, they can put it in an envelope. Inviting people to your wedding is about sharing your special day with those you are close with...not about asking for cheap donations.

It may sound harsh, but thats my opinion.

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Wikipedia has a great artical about it. Basically male guests would have to pay to dance with the bride and female guests pay to dance with the groom. The cash is suppose to be used for the honeymoon and housekeeping. Then is goes into the cultures that the tradition stem from. It also says unless you come from a culture that traditionally does the dollar dance it is rude and even if you are from that culture it is still kinda tacky.
here is the site if you wanna read more;
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It really does depend on where you live! Here in Utah, I've seen it done many times, and the guests love it! Many times when they bride and groom have chosen not to do it, we get so many guests asking "When are they doing the money dance?"

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Haha the previous post just goes to show that even if the wedding folks think something is tacky there are still those who love it! I had a friend do a money dance and from that had all the money she needed to go on their honeymoon. I do kinda feel like its tacky but its also fun! I think it would just depend on the feel of your wedding. I wouldn't have it at a more elegant wedding but maybe at a totally casual one.

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I think if it's something normal within your culture to do that is one thing...otherwise I'd steer away from something like that!

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I wouldn't do it unless you have been to a wedding in your family and they have done it.

Everyone in my family and all of my friends that have been married have done it. Its only a dollar per dancer and its fun. I don't personally see anything wrong with it, but I guess it depends on how formal your wedding is.

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Im a Mexican and it is very traditional for us too do the dollar dance (even in a elegant or formal wedding). What you do is everybody circles around the bride and the Groom and All the guys (one at a time) come up and pin cash on the wedding dress in order too dance with her and vise versa with the groom (pin money on the groom). Its just a fun way too get to dance with the bride (for men) and the groom (for women). Even kids get involved. And the bride and groom get money from it for the honeymoon. For us its very traditional so its hard to look at it as tacky. I mean, just think of it like this when you through the bouquet all the girls go crazy and even fight for it and i consider that tacky but its a tradition and you cant have the wedding without that. Right? Its just fun and funny too watch.

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And just too add to what i had said. I personally think that the garter is kinda tacky but everyone does it so its not about it being tacky but about what kind of traditions you have.

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I agree that if this is a part of the traditions in your family or culture then of course it's fine. but since you are asking what it is, I am assuming that it's not the usual in your family and therefore I would most definitely not do it.

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if this is a family tradition then fine, carry on.

I think it is super tacky...and i am in totally agreeance with the other posters that feel the same way....

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i hate the dollar dance thats why didn't do it my mom and sister call it legal prosatution its where your guest pin a dollar to your dress to dance with you for like an hour. its a way to make money i think its a little tacky

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The dollar dance is a chance for everyone to dance w/ the bride and groom normally the guest pin a dollar on their attire. Somethimes a particular song is chosen just for this dance and its for a limited time. It is soo much fun and traditional in Hispanic weddings. I myself am Mexican and find the dollar dance a great way to intermingle with all your guests, not everyone has to go up and dance w/ them so they dont have to feel obligated to pay when they show up to a wedding. Tradition is not tacky its TRADITION, just like throwing the bouquet, garter toss and father daughter dance. In the end its how you feel about it not what other cultures think of it.

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I agree with everyone else in the post, it all depends on the couple and the traditions. If you come from a culture that is all for it then basically you will see it, if not then I wouldn't do it. I'm spanish and I'm not doing it at all.

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OMGosh. You must remember. To everyone who is saying that a dollar dance is "tacky". Please remember this is a someones culture. For me or anyone else to say that someone else's tradition is tacky is very insulting to that person or their heritage. I am also having a sort of traditional wedding, only I am not having the garter belt toss because I don't like the idea of something worn under my dress is now passed on to some gentleman I probaly don't even know, but I would not call that tacky. Just my preference. We all celebrate differently but yet the same. It's a celebration of LOVE and HAPPINESS because at the end of every wedding it turns out to be the same. A happy and married couple. I would not call some tradition that was probaly passed on from a sweet grandmother to her grandchild "tacky". Just different in your eyes. So please remember to be courteous and aware that what works for you may not work for someone else. Congratulations.

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I agree with the last post in our families we have a money dance, Hungarian and mexican. I can say I have never been to a wedding on either side and not done the money dance. We just wont pin it on we put in bridal purse. Pinning can ruin the gown. I dont think its tacky, we call it tradition just like here in PA we also have a cookie table and let me say when there isnt a cookie table at a wedding people bitch, they bitch if there is no money dance the older generation loves that kind of thing. Its like the chicken dance how many brides have that played at the reception? Tradition is just that tradition.

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I don't think that just because something is a tradition that it is exempt from being tacky. And it's all about personal opinion, which is what this forum is for. There are all kinds of traditions that I am not doing because I personally don't like them. For example, I find corsages and boutineres "tacky", but that's just me and I know most don't agree. And I will grind my teeth when I see any women in formal gowns put on rubber flip flops or go barefoot on the dance floor like its a hoe down at my wedding. Just because something is the "norm" doesn't mean we have to like it. It's up to each of us to decide for ourselves. There was an entire post that went on for a while all about which traditions we each had decided to keep and which ones we didn't want. No one has to take offense just because someone else doesn't like what you want to do with your own wedding. Do what you want and don't worry if the rest of us find it tacky, especially if it's what your family is looking forward to

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reading throw the posts there are many reasons and ways to do the dollar/money dance.. For me I thought it was where you have someone stand up a lady for the bride's side and a man for the grooms(sometimes the moh and bestm) they have a little bag type and girls line up to dance with the groom they put a dollar or more in the bag, and the same with the guys, however they only dance like half songs--2 per one song sometimes more and this goes on for a few songs (not many) this is what I have seen at 2 weddings I have attended and I also remember some of it from 15 years ago when my sister got married. I would agree with some when they say it's to help pay for Housekeeping, HoneyMoon, and sometimes even help to pay toward the reception hall..
I honestly don't think it tacky weather you know what it is, first time you have done it or seen it or the millionth.. it's completely up to you how and what you want to do.. think about it, it's a decent way to have fun and gain some bucks.:-d

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I totally agree with the last post. I have always seen where the friends and family put the money in a bag. im doing it at my wedding because i think its just neat to be able to dance with alot of your guests that took time out of their schedule to come to your special day.

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i agree with amanda. plus i was at a friends wedding in aug. they had shots to if u do a shot and give money there was a seperate line for the bride and groom. its fun!

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Honestly, just do what you want...who cares if one person things it's tacky. How do you feel about the idea? To some, it is just a way to make sure that they get a chance to dance with the bride or groom before they leave. If you are still on the fence about it or worried about what people will think, then try this - just let the DJ know that you are not planning on having it, but if you get a lot of people that are mentioning wanting to do it, then by all means, do it! Some people expect to do it at weddings. If they don't like it, then they will just not participate. Trust me, if someone walks away from your wedding and all they are talking about is how you did or didn't a dollar dance, then they shouldn't have shown up in the first place. Just my what feels right to you and what you and your FH want.
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