Dollar dance music.. what songs do you have planned?
We are doing a dollar dance because it is the norm in both of our families. We don't care about the money nor do we need it. We think that it is a good way to get to have a little time with guest. We want the music to be recognizable to our guest but neither of us listen to much main stream music. And we are donating the money to Minnesota United for All Families an organization fighting hard for gay marriage rights here in MN.

Some ideas we have:
Counting crow- Colorblind
Bruno Mars- just the way you are
Cyndi Lauper- true colors
The Beatles- when I'm 64
Lauryn Hill- can't take my eyes off of you

What songs are you using?

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I LOVE colorblind. Actually, I love all of those :-) We're not doing one, but have fun!

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We aren't doing one, but I wanted to offer up a suggestion:

Pour Some Sugar On Me

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1. With A Little Help From My Friends - Joe Cocker
2. That's What Friends Are For - Dionne & Friends: Elton John, Gladys Knight And Stevie Wonder

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OH MAN! Another thing I have to think about! Thank goodness for this site, we're doing a dollar dance and I didnt even think about the songs! How many should we pick?

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Angela, it depends on your wedding size. I've been informed that about 20-30mins should be enough. We are thinking 7 songs should be safe. Better too many than not enough.

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As a joke, we are doing "We need some money" by Chuck Brown and the Soul Searcher

It basically just says we need money! haha I know that both families will get a kick outta it, since we both hate asking for money usually. Even when our families know we need it we usually decline any offers to help with anything (except the wedding!) So I was like I am going to break and be like I want your money! at the reception!

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haha Polish Polka music I think, My mother's family is polish and i think it will be fun and upbeat and a short little way to bring humour and heritage into the dollar dance

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Nalani- we thought about doing bone thugs in harmony- for the love of money bc we thought it would be funny.

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We let our DJ pick the songs. I know he started with "If I had a Million Dollars" by Barenaked Ladies, but I don't remember what he played after that, as I was too busy chatting with guests

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We are way to intomusic to let anyone pick music for us. We have a friend who is a DJ and is customized our entire playlist. We give him every say that is to be played at the reception. And to make sure it's not just music we love we included a spot on our rsvp's for our guest to request a song.
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We were just discussing the dollar dance with friends. I don't want to do it but I think it's a good way to chat with guests you may have missed. Our friends said they're doing shots to spice it up, whiskey for the boys and peach schnapps for the girls. The money-taker offers up those little plastic shot glasses to whoever donates. We do have a party crowd, but is this too tacky?

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Abby that is a good idea for your guests to be able to put their songs down.

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I think that's a cute idea Jamie.... Both of our families are drunks... LOL. We could probably make a lot of money for the organization... I should see if my venue will allow it.

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we are doing the same thing!!!

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Jaime M., I don't think its tacky at all to offer a drink when the guests donate for the dance. I'm Polish and from PA and I've never been to a wedding that didn't do the dollar dance and offer a drink.

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Check out the song "I need a dollar" by Aloe Blacc. I wasn't even considering a dollar dance until my fiancé and I thought about how perfect it would be to this song.

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It's Your Love Faith Hill/Tim McGraw
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