Dollar Dance Ideas
Im looking for something fun to put the money friend used a minnow bucket...anyone have any interesting ideas besides a plain old basket?

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at my sisters wedding groom just put money in his tux pocket and my sister stuffed it down her dress until the song was over then gave it to groom to put in pocket. were doing it the same way at our wedding

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I have a hand made white bag made from recycled flowers ( slik ones ) and really great rhinestones I had left over ... diy bag is great!!! =]

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What about a basket with some eggs in along the lines of a "nest egg" or something representing your honeymoon... my aunt had cloths pins and the guys could pin it on them.

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we are just going to have the hostess collect it and direct people when to cut in for the next not going to be dancing a whole song with everyone..then that leads to sweating and drinking more, which leads to me having to pee 500 times ..and its going to be hard to lift up that dress even once to use the bathroom..LOL.

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I've seen it where they pin it on the bride/grooms clothes. Usually the groom ends up with a tail!

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Where I'm from your BM and MOH stand there with you and collect the money.

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Wedding purse, bucket, treasure chest, basket, a clear see through box, inside a book or a bible, a card box, a hand made box with your pics on it, pinning it to a blanket for a "security blanket", inside a nest for "nest egg", inside a flower or plant pot "to make it grow", a piggy bank, a picnic basket, ect ect ect..
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