does your engagement ring stay on when your getting married?
does your wedding band go on top of your engagement ring or underneath it??
I was wanting to wear my engagement ring since that was the ring i was given 1st...what are you all doing?

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Hayley C™
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Some change it to their Right hand before the ceremony. I kept it on my left hand. After the ceremony I reversed them so that the wedding band would be closest to my knuckles, engagement second.

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I think during the ceremony, you wear the engagement ring on your right hand. After, I had always heard the wedding ring should be closest to your heart, so on the inside of the engagement ring.

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Some people wear it on their right hand and then switch it over during or after the ceremony. Others like to keep it on their left and switch it over after the ceremony. Or you could have both the wedding band and engagement ring together slipped on during your ceremony. I plan on keeping my engagement ring on and then switching them after I'm married =)

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I was planning on wearing it on my right hand, then kind of sneaking it on over the wedding band.

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We are having custom bands added to my E Ring and FH wants me to be surprised so I will be without any sort of ring for 2 weeks prior to the wedding then getting the whole shebang at the alter! I think it's sweet but hate to be without my E Ring!

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I have a right hand ring (valentines day) and that's going to be on the right, then my e-ring will be on the left hand and just put the band over it. I'll put it in the right place afterwards. Theres no way i'm taking my e-ring off!!!

FMS, the barefoot wife!
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I wore it on my left hand. And after the ceremony I put the wedding band where it was supposed to go (it slides in the middle of my ring)

The way I see it. I was engaged to be married. So that ment that ring stayed on, even before and during the ceremony. And I LOVE my ring and what it symbolizes, so that sucker stayed on!
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Your wedding band is supposed to go on your hand first, closest to your heart, then the engagement ring goes on after it. Like others have said, lots of women wear their e-ring on their right hand and then switch it after the vows/ring exchange. My right hand is bigger than my left so I can't fit it there, MOH will probably hold it for me because I don't want anything on my left hand that day until my FH puts my wedding band on.

2d Bride
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Some options:

1. Wear your engagement ring on your right hand for the ceremony, then switch it back to your left.

2. Wear your engagement ring on your left hand for the ceremony, have him put the wedding band on over it, then switch them around afterward.

3. Have him put both rings on--either both at once, or the wedding band then the e-ring. In some cases, he will say something when putting the e-ring on--like this ring symbolizes the promise that reached fruition with the wedding ring.

4. Don't wear your e-ring during the ceremony, but just give it to someone for safe-keeping and put it on afterward.

There is no "right" answer to this one. Just do what feels comfortable to you.

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You put the E ring on your right hand during the ceremony? My jeweler told me that you walk down the aisle bare? Which I was unhappy with. So its ok to put on the right hand?

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I think any of the options 2d bride posted are great. My E-ring doesn't fit on my right hand, so I'm just leaving it on my left and will switch the rings around after.

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What my friend did was she wore her e-ring on her left hand and fiance took her e-ring off and put it in her band (which was a double enhancer and her e-ring went in the middle of the enhancer) when it was time for the rings during the ceremony. But I think I have to agree with Barefoot wife, I see it the same way!!

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I did what a few of the other ladies on here said. Right before the ceremony I changed my e-ring to my right hand. Then after the ring exchange I did the old switcheroo from right to left hand when no one could see.

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i wore my engagement ring during the wedding and just stuck the wedding ring on top of it. I will definitely be always wearing my engagment ring with my wedding means too much to me to not wear it!

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Thanks for all the diff ideas...I just asked FH what he wants to do and he wants to put the wedding ring on 1st...and then after that i can switch it back or he can!
So ill wear it on my other hand until after the ceremony:)

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I wont be wearing mine because I will already have my bands put together... and the wedding band goes on the bottom... It should be the closest thing to your heart! The only reason I remember that is because my band on the inside has a ruby and its in the shape of a heart and it says Close to the heart! hehe...

Mrs. Johnson
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I just had this talk with the lady at Zales yesterday when I picked my rings up. Engagement goes on your right hand, and goes on you left after the ceremony. Wedding band is forever closest to your heart.

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i just stumbled upon this question and i've heard that wearing the wedding ring on the outside is a symbol of a hotwife just like a bracelet on the right ankle. to the fast growing alternative cuckold lifestyle, wedding ring on the outside symbol sex outside of marriage.
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