Does only the bridal party pay for the bachelorette weekend?
I am having a small weekend getaway for my bachelorette party. I have heard that only the bridal party pays for everything. But I think it's fair that everyone who comes (incl. people not in the bridal party) should pay their part like for instance: chipping in for the rental house. Is there still etiquette rules on this or should it be fair for everyone coming to pitch in and help??

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Kimi k.
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I would like to assume that whoever attends will be chipping in. That only seems right! I know my girls are talking about taking me to Vegas (I've never been) for my bachelorette party and I told them NO way b/c I had to much to pay for....they looked at me funny and said, EVERYONE but me was chipping I assume that means EVERYONE!

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Absolutely- every one else should be chipping in- especially if you are doing a whole weekend deal. Usually the bridal party will cover your costs, but that's not even required and you should certainly offer to pitch in your share. The guests should pitch in their share of housing costs as well.

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Ok, thank's y'all, that's what I thought but my MOH is trying to tell other people in the bridal party that only the bridal party needs to be paying. She is talking to everyone but me about it. Kinda frustrating.... I think it should be fair across the board. They said they will cover me even though I have offered more than once to pay my share. :-)

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Your MOH is probably thinking of the shower. The guests don't pay for shower costs; they just bring a gift. The bridal party or whoever is hosting the shower pays to throw it. Bachelorette parties on the other hand are typically pay your own way kind of events.

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No everyone pays their own way. The bridal party is supposed to pitch on to pay for the bride. But when your taking a trip you can't always expect that. I am doing a cruise and we are all paying our own way. My bridal party is paying for all my drinks and then my shower.

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Anyone that attends should pay their way and usually everyone will chip in to pay for your costs as well for the party. That's the way it's been for me when I have been to a bacherlorette party whether I was a BM or not.
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Ya I think they can chip in..however be considerate on what you choose to do; if your friends are strapped for cash they may feel off-put or pressured if you plan like a big weekend away. then again they may not, just something to think about! :-)

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I'm also having an out of town bachelorette party. Everyone that has decided to come is paying for their own hotel room, and golfing (if they want to golf). My BP is paying for dinner and my MOH has arranged for drink specials for us at the local bars. So, for the most part, everyone that comes will be paying their own way, with the exception of dinner.

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Yes, everyone should split the costs, equally. The only person who is "hosted" is the Bride.

The person planning the event should factor in the cost for the Bride and divide that amongst those attending. Example, the Brides total portion of the tab is $200. 10 people are attending (besides the Bride), each kicks in an extra $20.

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Every one is supposed to chip in & pay their share, my Bridesmaids haven't mentioned covering me, and I'm not too worried about it! They are traveling across the US for my wedding, so I am more than happy to pay for my share of the hotel, transportation & the drinks, I'm not paying for no matter what ;)

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Whatever you do make it simple and make it clear. Times like this people have a way of trying to get in on your fun without helping.
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