Does my Maid Of Honour have to be married? or unmarried? :/
I am recently engaged and am having a little trouble understanding what the Maid of Holour's role is and how I should choose her... Does she have to be married? or unmarried? Not sure. Help? :)

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Maids of Honor are unmarried; Matrons of Honor are married. Pick your fave person; my bride today had a man of honor!

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I chose my best friend as MOH.
Maid of Honor is unmarried, Matron of Honor is married.

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There are a lot of things to consider when making your choice of who you want to be your MOH....they have several is a link that I found helpful...hope it helps.

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Please don’t forget to change your avatar so that we remember you more easily. (it doesn't have to be a picture of you per-say) It will help us determine spam/trolls vs real bride and you'll get a better response. Many posts with the double rings don’t get opened. Here's how to do that and more :-)

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Thanks all ;) Can you tell im a newby? haha Thanks for the tips!

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My sister, who is also my best friend, is my maid of honor. The maid of honor you choose impacts the success of your wedding and your sanity level leading up to the big day!

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As others have told you, 'maids' are unmarried and 'matrons' are married. My best friend since the age of 2 years (now 22) is my maid of honor. Although she has been very busy lately with her seasonal position at a Halloween store, she has been great. Choose wisely. :)

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I choose my BFF as my maid of honour. Even though she is married and has a child I still called her the maid of honour. I personally think matron of honour evokes someone who is much older (40 ), but that's just me personally. I am also going to be maid of honour this March in my sister in law's wedding, even though I am married.

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I have a Man of Honor. :D It's whoever you'd like to have, whether they be married or no, and regardless of gender. Just remember you have to be comfortable around this person no matter what wardrobe malfunctions may happen.

If you're interested, I have a group started for 2014 brides so we can all help each other. :D

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For me, the maid of honor is just a title that means nothing. Well, means "my sister who I was obligated to choose as my MOH but hasn't and wont do shit to help me with my wedding".
One of my bridesmaids is actually a better fit for the title of MOH, but my parents basically told me there would be hell to pay if I didn't give the title to my sister. So... It can mean a lot, or nothing at all. Hopefully for you it means a lot :)

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I had the hardest time choosing between my best friend and my niece. So my best friend is my MATRON of honor, while my niece is my Maid of honor. How could I choose between 2 women who are the absolute closest to me and both know more about me than anyone else I know. Good luck!
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