Does anyone have experience ordering wedding gowns from china?
I want my dress from DB! But it cost 549,00. Im trying to keep costs really low....So I was searching online and I found exactly the same dress for only 200,00, but the dress comes from China.
Does anyone have experience ordering wedding gowns from china? How was it?????

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Hayley C™
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Hayley C™
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I really wouldn't trust it to be honest. In my opinion, spending that extra is going to be very well worth it. When you buy in a store you can get after-purchase assistance, rather than the company no longer existing after you make your payment. Perhaps go to a local dress maker and ask for a quote?

Hayley C™
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We have had brides on here that have used resale sites.

some sites to check out

Be sure to get your measurements taken, and have them on hand. You want to be sure that you are shorter or the same height as the bride before you, and the same or smaller in measurements. You can take a dress in, but can't add material.

Also, David's dresses sometimes go on sale, you have time, maybe it will go down?
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No.. but I did order a veil from a chinese ebay seller. You get what you pay for! Ots a cheap piece of crap and there's no way I would ever wear it. I just laughed when it came.. I couldn't believe I thought I might get something wearable for $3.24. I went to leave feedback about the seller... but the seller no longer existed!

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Wowwwwww! Thanks guys!!! After what i saw....I will stay away from china stores.
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If it comes to the wedding gown, I really would not want to take the risk.. especially after seeing all the negatives experiences.

If you really want to safe the money then I think I'd much rather look into a used dress. After all they have only been worn once ... :)
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You might try some smaller boutiques. We have one near us that has very reasonably priced selections. The woman who owns it is retiring. They had a siewalk sale last week so she could get rid of inventory before she closes. I couldn't believe the prices.

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I hadnt thought of buying a wedding dress from China but I was looking a dresses for my daughter. I wont be wasting my money now.

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On top of what Crystal suggested, you can find some websites that sell USED dresses.

Hayley C™
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More links to Disappointed on-line purchases

DH Gate - lifeless dress, wrong material, wrong "crystals"

-Seems arent straight
-Hem isnt straight
-Train isnt symmetrical
- Zipper is very sticky and fabric is in the way
- Supposed to be satin, its not
- Came wrinkled and cant get them out
- Size 4 but the straps were made for a amazon woman

BRIDESIRE.COM - purple marks, incorrect material, loose flowers
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I ordered a dress from, which is in China. In the FAQ they basically tell you that ANYTHING that is wrong with the dress is too bad for you! My dress came back the wrong color. When I complained to them, they admitted the mistake, but would not give me a refund.

BE WARNED! They are unethical and are probably using slave labor. Do NOT order from

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I actually had a great experience with a company called Fabulous U. They designed my dress and my entire wedding party. I would suggest checking them out on Pinterest there are many of their dresses showcased on there that real people have purchased. I would say take they negative comments with a grain of salt its always best to look into things yourself. Go right to the company their customer service is great!

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Definitely do your own research. I found Fabulous U through some indepth online investigating. I checked out their pinterest page, their facebook and their Youtube channel (my favorite - I'm a visual girl and they had over 129 videos! I felt at ease when they called me back the same day to discuss my dream dress. I only ordered my wedding dress from them but once it arrived, I wished I had done more. Very pleased. Check them out for yourself.

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The wedding dress that Fabulous U created for me was absolutely divine and everything I asked for. All my suggestions and questions were answered within a few hours and I was fed constant updates and photos to see the progress. Fabulous U even made sure my dress was ready and posted for my special day, with no extra charge. I am so happy with my choice of Fabulous U and will be recommending this to all my engaged friends :)

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The last three comments on here are clearly fake profiles made to advertise for Fabulous U. It is their only vendor listed and this is the only post they have ever commented on.

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I can say, as a real person who purchased from Fabulous U that my experience with them was great. For some reason I was having a lot of bad luck finding a dress in a store. Idk if I was just looking in the wrong places but all of the dresses that I liked had something wrong like random bead work in awkward places or giant bows. I already had Fabulous U bookmarked in my comp so at some point I decided to browse their site and I ended up customizing a dress and ordering it and that was it. I remember saying to myself that I didn't want to settle for just any old dress to get married in because Fabulous U seemed too good to be true. I cant remember exactly how long the shipping was but it came really fast. Idk about the other comments but I can definitely say that Fabulous U exceeded my expectations because my dress was perfect. It is true that some overseas companies can be unethical like @Christina said or send you stuff that's poorly sewn but you can't believe everything you read.
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