Does anybody else have an uneven wedding party?
So originally there was me and the groom

4 groomsmen 3 bridesmaids and 1 matron of honor, but I lost one bridesmaid along the way.

I am not having the groomsmen escort the girls.. The groomsmen will walk in a single file line together and the then girls will walk by themselves.

Does anyone else have and uneven number of guys and girls?

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I do many weddings and I can assure you, this is very common. I actually posted something about this the other day on a discussion similar to yours. The wedding party are all up there in support of your marriage. The number of BMs and GMs does not have to match.

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I have 1 MOH and 3 BM, my FH has 1 BM and 4 GM. so we are one off. my sister/moh thinks it's weird. but i would rather have the people I really love and care about up there instead of asking someone else just to even things out.

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I lost one bridesmaid and may lose another along the way due to some obligations she has at college. It happens... I'll probably have 5 bridesmaids and FH will have 7 groomsmen

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@ Shellie thats how I feel. I chose these people because they are important to me and FH.

My photographer says its better to have a smaller party. ;-)

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i had to ask people i didnt really want to be BM to make it even with the GM bc im obsessive compulsive lol and i agree with your choice @K&H and smaller parites are WAY BETTER drama/organization if i wasnt OCD!! lol

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I'm only having 1 MOH ,1 BM ,1 JRBM ,1 BM and 1 GM. I had to include my FH daughter . All of my girls are walking in alone ,but I still haven't decided who she will walk out with .I might just ask the GM to walk out with the 1BM and JRBM together.
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I'm having an uneven bridal party. It started out 4 and 4 but then 2 of mine had to drop out and and 1 of his had to drop out.

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I have 1 MOH, 1 Bridesmaid, FH has 1 best man. We lost a groomsman along the way and had no one to replace him with.

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I'm having my Maid of Honor and 6 bridesmaids. My FH is having his Best Man and 5 groomsmen.

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We are currently uneven and I am not happy about it, I am big time into symmetry though.

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When my brother got married, he had his four sons as his GM. His wife had her one daughter as her sole attendant. Honestly, the sides do not need to match.

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I had a Maid of Honor, Matron, & two Bridesmaids. Hubby had 4 guys but one couldn't make it last minute.

We weren't going to have the guys escort the girls but it happened anyway.
My brother ended up pimp walking two of the girls!

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ours is uneven... I have a MOH, 2 BM and a bridesman, he has one BM, and 4 GM

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So is ours. FH is having his 2 daughters stand up for him and I am having my daughter who is my MOH and then my DIL as a BM and my son also stand up for me.

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I have a Maid of Honor, Matron, and Jr. Bridesmaid. FH only has a BM. He changed his mind midway thru planning and said he only wanted the one. It'll definitely be uneven but I just had to put things in perspective. As long as there ONE bride and ONE groom, everything else is trivial.

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I had a bridesmaid drop out just last week and I was freaking out...but thats only because we are short on Ushers and a flower girl. When I asked my brother to be an Usher he didnt want to...So I wanted to give up! I'm the only one planning this huge event (not even any help what so ever from FH) so I didnt know what to do cause I dont want it uneven. So I came up with the idea to put one of his Groomsmen as an Usher luckily he's a really nice guy and I can totally picture him understanding. Havent figured out Flower girl yet. Maybe my dog can toss rose petals down the aisle. lol
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