Do your rings sit flush?
I'm toying with the idea of buying a wedding band that isn't made to fit my engagement ring perfectly. All the ones that I like that will sit flush are $1000 and up. I found one that is pretty nice at JCP for $600. To stop it from rubbing and scrapping I was thinking of having the bottoms melded together. Is anyone else doing this or are you buying a ring that is designed to fit your engagement ring?

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We bought mine as a set. If it didn't fit flush, it would drive me nuts :-/

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Mine will sit flush.. like Jamie H. said, if they didn't I would go crazy! My ring was custom made, so the band will also be made so as to fit properly... If you are going to have them put together, it may not matter if they fit perfectly prior to that. I would just check with whoever is going to meld them.

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Same here. My set was also custom made, but it would drive me nuts if they weren't flush.

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When DH bought the two diamonds on the side of my heart diamond on my e ring, rather than have it put together as one piece, he had the wrap and heart piece soddered(sp) together. My wedding ring rubs and it drives me insane, but I don't want to put them together permanently because one of the reasons I chose my wedding ring was that I like to wear it solo at times. To stop the probelm, I wear my wedding ring tighter on top of my e ring. That helps a bit.

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Mine sort of sit flush, although there's a tiny gap in between b/c the e-ring tapers in around the solitaire. I will say it took forever to decide on a style that looked decent with the e-ring but also looked decent alone.

I wouldn't solder them together personally, b/c like Carole said I want the option of wearing the wedding band alone. You don't have to get a wedding ring either. You can always just use your e-ring in the ceremony.

Tiny Dancer
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mine sit flush~ it wasn't a set, but they fit perfectly and look like they were made for each other. It would drive me crazy if they didn't fit together and it was totally worth the extra couple hundred bucks to make it perfect.

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My e-ring doesn't sit flush with a band but if I have them lift the dioamond setting up a bit then it will. I don't want them soldered together either. But I've had several jerlers tell me that it's an easy fix so that's what I'm gonna do.

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Mine is a set. They set flush, and when i wore a different band with my e-ring, it didn't feel right.

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the one i have i don't like and i bought separately. but im probably going to get a different one on our anniversary. I would like get the wedding band with 2 diamonds that will go on either side of my solitaire diamond.

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Mine are close, but not totally flush. I have 2 side diamonds that aren't on the "usual" sides - I don't have a pic w/ me at work, othewise I'd show it. Anyway - b/c the side diamonds are semi-hidden on the "north & south" sides (as opposed to left & right), there isn't a wedding band that perfectly matches my e-ring. I tried on a few that definitely weren't flush, and I didn't like them. Mine is about as close as you can get w/o it being flush. I won't have them soldered together b/c I want the option to wear only my wedding band alone if we go camping or do other things that could mess up (or lose) my e-ring.

Hayley C™
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Mine Didn't sit flush at first.

Then I had them raise the claw on my engagement ring. Now they sit perfectly flush to each other.

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My wedding band isn't even a wedding band...or at least not meant to be one. It sits at a completely different height than my e-ring. When they get put together they are actually shaping my e-ring a bit differently so that it looks like it's the same height. In the end my e-ring will actually sit a bit higher but it looks right because of the band. I don't know of a better way of explaining what they will do to make it sit right and I don't have a pic either.

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My engagement ring came in a set, but my fiance only bought the e-ring (and not the set), because he wanted us to pick out our wedding bands together. I considered getting the wedding band that came with my ring, but I didn't like it as much as some others and it was more expensive.

The one I ended up getting looks like it is supposed to go with my engagement one would ever notice that it's "different." I am getting mine sodered together...I don't have any job restrictions or anything that would prevent me from wearing a ring that sticks out.

The lady at the store was really good about telling me what they can and cannot do with altering the rings and such, so I would recommend just asking them. We bought the lifetime warranty plan, so any alterations we wish to make are included at no additional cost.

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Mine will not sit flush, and I am ok with it. I had them size my wedding band 1/4 size larger so it can sit further down my finger with my engagement ring on the outside at a smaller size. It should help so they don't want to sit in the same place on my finger.

I will not have them welded together, mine have so much etching detail on the bands that I would be ruining them. Plus I have been told VERY OFTEN how I might want to only have the band on for travel, etc.

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Mine go together nicely together, but dont sit flush, & at first it was bothering me like crazy!!! but now 1 I am used to it, & 2 I just dont pay attention to it anymore... when it moves, if I see it, I'll put it back together ...

1st picture - my engagement ring & wedding band together
2nd picture - my engagement ring by it self
3rd picture - wedding band on its own

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Mine weren't made for each other, but they sit flush. They're not even height wise though. Mine a soldered and I like it that way otherwise they'd be spinning all over my finger!

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mine wont flush and im okay with that

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Mine wont sit flush unless we get something custon made (E ring has a weird shape on the side). While I have a vision and would LOVE a custom ring its just not realistic right now... Hoping to upgrade someday...

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My e-ring is cathedral and my wedding band is flat. They mostly sit flush and don't move around much and I just love the way they look together.

I say try on different styles and see what you like. You'll know when it's right.

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Mine are a set, my wedding band fits right in to my e-ring (although they were bought at separate times). It would seriously drive me nuts if they weren't flush.
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