Do you wear your engagement ring on your wedding day?
So I have seen this in many ways and my fiance and I don't know the answer. Are you supposed to wear your engagement ring at the ceremony at all? on right hand? I'm so confused....

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2d Bride
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You've got lots of options:
1. Don't wear it at all on your wedding day.
2. Wear it on your right hand until after the ceremony, then move it.
3. Give it to a trusted person to hold until after the ceremony, then put it on over the wedding ring.
4. Wear it on your left hand, have the wedding ring put on over it, then switch them later.
5. Some couples have the groom put both rings on during the ceremony, with language about the wedding ring being for the commitment, and the engagement ring being the promise that protects the commitment.

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Well, I plan on getting my Ering and band soldered. I won't wear it until FH puts it on my finger of course. Lots of brides wear it on their right hand, and move it over to the left after the ceremony.

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Like 2d Bride said....I'm going to wear mine on my right hand and then switch it after the ceremony

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Me too, on the right hand and move it after the ceremony ;)

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I actually didnt wear my Ering at all my MOH held it along with my Husbands wedding band. Husband only placed the band on my finger during the ceremony yet after the ceremony my MOH handed it over to my husband to place it on my finger :0

However from what i've read here ion W.W as this has been asked before is techinically it's all up to you & what you prefer.

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I wore my engagement ring on my right hand then after the ceremony I moved it to the left with the wedding band.

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We did 2nd Bride's 5th option. For some reason my DH had very strong feelings about it. So he kept both rings and put them on during the ceremony. It worked beautifully.

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I just wore it as I normally do, then switched the order afterward.

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I had mine soldered together before the wedding so he put both on my finger during our vows. I knew I wanted them soldered together and did not want to give them up after we were married lol I took them in 2 1/2 wks before the wedding so I would have them back in plenty of time.
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I wore my ring on the right hand and then switch before the reception, there is no right or wrong way it, all depends on what you prefer.

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Like most said- I had it on my right then moved it to my left after the ceremony

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I've most often seen brides wearing on their right hand during the ceremony. I plan on doing this too.

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I want my rings soldered together. I'm gonna make sure I
have them done prior to the wedding, I don't want to be away from my rings after we are married.

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I wore mine on my left hand (it doesn't fit my right) and then flipped them right after the ceremony. If it had fit on my right hand, I would have done that.

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I don't know what I'll do. I guess it depends on what we decide for a wedding band.
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