Do you thank you cards have to match your invitations?
Does your stationary all have to match? I want to do the DIY route with STD (themed & fun) & invitations (a little more traditional but still themed) what about thank you cards?

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My invitations match the thank you cards. I had my invitation handmade so i wanted the look to be the same.

Mrs. O'Neal
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I have many different types of thank you cards. I don't think they need to be the same as the STD or the invitations but that's just me.

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I'm going to be using my enormous stationery stash, which is primarily blank notecards in all kinds of designs, for my thank-yous, so they won't even all match each other. Invites and announcements are custom photo cards, so those also have a variety of different looks!

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@Michelle - given that I am all over the place with ideas & such, I am hapy to hear that I don't "have" to match the stationary. I am bit quirky and the wedding is a perfect place to show case my FH & I's lack of "traditional" couples. By the time we get married, we would be been together 10 years to the month LOL

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I think that its very funny that so many brides get hung up on everything matching and coordinating.
Do what you want, its your wedding. I'm sure that there will not be many that will say later, "You know Mary Sues STD's, Invites and Thank You's did not all match, how tacky"....
I think that to many brides worry themselves unnecessarily over these kinds of things.
Sorry that was blunt.

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I am just going to go and get cheap thank yous from the store. It was a bit more to get the thank yous with the invites. Honestly I don't think it is that important. And for me if people are paying that much attention to that stuff that is on them not me. So for me that was one way to cut costs.

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@Denise - blunt is fine with me. I don't mind - I think it helps to keep things grounded in reality. Thank you!
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