Do you send invitations to parents?
This is likely a silly question, but do you send wedding invitations to your parents and the groom's parents???

I'm designing and planning sending out the invitations and it just seemed a little odd to me, as they obviously know all the details, etc. ;-P

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Yes send them an invitation. They will probably be the only ones (besides yourself) to keep them. And even if they "know" all the details, it helps to have all the information in front of you.

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I am sending them one because I know they will want one to keep!

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I plan on sending them one. My mom will probably keep and put it in a scrapbook. I know my FMIL will keep hers. She is a bit of a packrat. My FH told me we can not personalize any candy or other edible items. If we do, she will keep them forever.

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LOL! Meg! My mom always has a ziplock bag in her purse full of gum and mints, etc so I know she is going to LOVE the candy buffet. lol

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I am sending an invite to the groom's parents but not mine. My parents helped me with the invites so they have all the left overs. They do not need me to waste a stamp to send them one. But since the groom's parents were not involved much in the wedding planning they will get one.

Take it Personally by Christine

Take it Personally by Christine
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I recommend always sending an invite to anyone who is invited. You would be surprised how many people keep the invite as a keepsake.

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thanks everyone! the keepsake/scrapbook point is a good one.

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you can send me one too-lol


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OMG @Meg sounds like my FMIL it drives me crazy!! Plus it rubs off on FH ugh!

@KimW to answer your question, yes I am sending my folks and FIL an invitation
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