Do payless dyable shoes still exist?
I remember when shopping for my sister's wedding, payless had a line of shoes that could be died to any color and that weren't incredibly expensive... All other dyable shoes that I've found were super expensive, and I haven't found a cute kitten heel in my malibu blue color. Does anyone know if these shoes still exist?

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They did when I went shoe shopping a few months ago, I can't imagine that's gone away. Just go to the cashier and ask about it, they should have a book of information, I just don't think they are displaying them like they were for a while, although I have seen just a couple of the dyable styles out on the floor..

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I don't think my payless does them anymore. I got mine at and they turned out perfectly. They were great to work with (even had to exchange). You buy the shoes then send them back to be dyed. I can't remember how much shipping was but it wasn't too much. Good luck!

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no they stopped the dyeables a couple months ago because i was looking for some for my wedding party...

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really? When I was planning my wedding they were there. I almost got one of those shoes but in the end I found a silver shoe I liked better at Payless.

Payless has cute shoes and they are not terribly expensive.

Angie B
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they had them in aug 2012 when i got married, maybe only certain locations

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I got the payless shoes on clearance for $5 dollars a few months ago but now I can't find a place to dye them... If you want them and can find a place to dye them, they are yours for free if you want to pay for shipping?

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They started clearing them out the first quarter of 2012

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yup because me and my bridal party went there adn they told me they no longer do the dyeables...

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i'm pretty sure they have similar concept at David's Bridal. What about a metallic, print or statement shoe instead?? I'm personally not a fan of so matchy matchy.

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I would actually prefer a statement shoe, but I haven't been able to find any in that color that have the kitten heel I need. I can't work with the 4 or 5 inch heels that so many of them have, I'm already taller than FH and I don't want to tower over my groom :)

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@Mika... love your avatar. Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper from Blue's Clues? How sweet :)

I'm not going with dyeable shoes for myself, but I'm gonna suggest dyeable shoes for my BMs. I'm going with actual blue shoes. I'm cutting every possible corner I can in terms of my wedding budget, but I"m going to splurge on just one thing. I'm getting the Manolo Blahnik blue shoes that were featured in the Sex and the City movie. They're available at Neiman Marcus, I believe.

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Haha, thanks. Those shoes are fabulous! I'm sad about the payless ones though, because I had purchased a pair of white ones and never dyed them and htey were the best heels that I had for AGES. I think they were my go-to heels for years :P I guess I'm still on the hunt for some good shoes!
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Check with the cobblers in your town. Sometimes they dye shoes.

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there is a place called dyeable shoes. davids bridal also does them.

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