Dj in a box?
I was at a wedding show recently and stumbled acrossed a thing called a 'quebbie dj in a box' that a rental center near me has. You can set up wedding playlists on it, and it even does accounments for the dances and cake cutting. It is alot cheaper then a regular dj, only 250 for the day and that includes speakers and amps....also you can get a cordless mike with it for toasts. I was just wondering if anyone has ever used one and what they thought of it....i want to take my fiancee to see it before we make a decision. Any thoughts or advice on this would be greatly appreicated, thanks :)

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Hmm...this could be a good option if you cant actually afford a DJ. However, I would suggest hiring one because they just get feel of the wedding better than a pre-set playlist would.
I.e - If they see there aren't many people into certain songs they can change it to something they thinks fits the mood better. And some DJs have great personalities and can really be a big help in getting people up and involved in the fun. Just my opinion.

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I don't know if I would chance this. I was at a bridal show yesterday and there was a company there that did the emceeing for the bridal show. They talked about their services and their basic package started at $300. If you shop around and plan your wedding for a slower time of year in your area, you can probably find some good deals. If one thing goes wrong on the sequence of that 'box' then everything else will be off and it could become terrible. Good luck with the search!
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If cost is your major concern, you might also speak with a DJ about renting their equipment without using them as the event MC or programming the entertainment. The DJ in the box may be too much DIY for the day of the wedding. If you contracted with a DJ company, they could deliver, set up and break down, do sound checks, etc. This is probably more reliable and less work for you at a price similar to rental center equipment.


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We are actually using the Quebbie for our wedding in July. I was very skeptical when my mom told me about it, but I went and tried it out and was sold. My parents saw it used at an anniversary party and thought it was amazing. My cousin, who has some DJing experience, will be manning it all night. You make your own playlists. However, he will be able to change the songs when he sees necessary and will be announcing the cake cutting, entrance, etc. The songs fade in an out when changed and everything sounds very professional. I think that it's a good product, but I would definitely have some one you trust in charge of it all night so that they can control it. It's basically all the DJ equipment in a box, but you still need a "DJ" (or a stand-in DJ) to keep things running smoothly. When's your wedding date? Good Luck! :)

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how many people are you having at your reception? my wedding is june 19, 2010, so i do have some time to decide. one feature that they showed me on the dj in the box was that it does announce the cake cutting and the dances, and i was going to have someone announce the bridal party cause it wouldn't say our names, and have that person man it for the rest of the night. you said that someone you knew used it? were they really happy with it? i think the deciding factors will be if my fiancee likes it, and if the wireless mike and maybe lighting aren't too much.
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My name is Theresa with Unique Celebrations Mobile Dj & Karaoke Company I sweetie I really would not reccommend this DJ in a box. I have seen them and they are not that good at all. It's your wedding reception so have a blast. I don't know where you are located but my company is not expensive and you get a great show. I am in Houston Texas if you are near that call me 832-887-6286 and I will give you a good deal to help you out. Let me know.

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We rented the Quebbie DJ n a Box for our wedding too. Heres why: Ours is a small wedding - 75 guests. We are having a buffet luncheon at 12noon. There will be no alchole. A large conservitive Christian base is our audience,-- and the heathens dont dance (LOL). We just wnated jazz, love songs and an occassional fun upbeat song. Beyond our 1st dance there will be no dancing, so we just needed filler music and cake cutting, garter toss ect music. Im computer savvy and I tried it out at the party place and it was as simple as an IPod. Plus I hate DJs. They take over the show, talk loud, jokes arent funny, and some put up a giant sign in front of their booth with their name a phone number on it (just tacky for a wedding). It will work for us because music isnt the focus of our reception. Also ask the rental place if you can get it a few days before to set it up - ours let us get it 4 days before!

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Hello, My fiance is a local radio DJ and has done parties and club events since the age of 14! (The youngest DJ's to show case at a big local night club at 14yrs old)... regardless of his background, hiring a real DJ at your Wedding, party ect. is I think better because they are able to dipict what songs your guest dance too and what will make them leave after 2 hours. Any type of "DJ in a BOx" is more for a small family/friend gathering such as birthdays or even bridal parties. besides some Good Dj's are good to get the crowds going, and are great MC's. BUT if your budget is tight maybe try renting the "DJ in a BOX", and hire a DF for an hour or two. All DJ's Need is Amps, and speakers. They bring there own DJ System (TurnTables i mean). =) If you have any DJ q's let me know.

Always, Jenn
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As a former dj (25 years) I'd say it depends. Based on what I saw from their website it appears like a similar system to what most djs use. For the last several years I was working at it, I used a pc based system. The main issues I would ask about are exactly what songs are on the system, what is the sound quality and, most importantly, what is the quality of the speakers/amps they will be using. Cheap speakers/amps will make a huge difference in sound quality. If your musical tastes aren't comparable to the pre-loaded songs, then ask if you can connect an i-pod or other hard drive to the system.
Finally, if your crowd can entertain itself, you will possibly be ok. But if your crowd needs a lot of direction, paying a pro might be better for you. The music is only a small part of what a good dj can do for an event.
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This is 1 of the biggest days of your life. A day you will never forget.
How do you want it to be remembered? A wedding DJ has many responsibilities, it's not just about the music & a few announcements.
This is not a kids birthday party! Were talking wedding day here, with
many traditions & formalities. Will this machine sit down with you to help plan your reception time line? And cover all details? Will it do the introductions of the Bridal party? During dinner your 13 year old cousin types in Metalica or Dr. Dre to play. So how will your wedding day be remembered "CHEAP"! If your going to use this system, go cheap all the way. DJ in a Box, Food: Jack in the Box, Photos: Just use disposables cameras, buy a dress a Goodwill, drive up in a Geo. Sure I would rather have the Quebbie or an Ipod, then a bad cheap cheesy DJ. At least a Ipod or this machine won't embarrass on the mic. But A good professional DJ/MC can make your reception engaging, memorable, a fun.
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What you will be responsible for the day of your wedding if you
decide to not hire a professional DJ. This may be a shock to you.

How much do you want to work on a day you should be having fun?

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