DJ contract?
I'm looking for any good DJ contract templates. Know where I can find one?

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I don't know of any place to find one, other than from your DJ. I know that my DJ provided the contract. If you are looking for questions to ask them, or just want an idea of what the contract should look like, I would google it.
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Are you needing to draw up a contract? Doesn't your DJ provide one? If you want to look at the contract we send our clients, I'd be happy to email you one. Email me at and I will forward one to you.

Mrs Knight
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I know the bravo wedding planner has it in there so they might have it on their site?
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I don't want to sound rude, but if your dj doesn't already have their own contract I would be a little worried about their professionalism and quality of work...

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Brian, I don't think it sounds rude. But thats an honest concern.
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All professional event vendors should provide an event contract. When booking an amateur DJ, drafting up a simple "Artist Confirmation" is simple. Just include Contact Info for both sides, Event Location with Address & Contact Info, Event Date, Arrival Time, Start Time, End Time, Service Description, Amount, Deposit Amount, and Balance Due at event. Add a breach claus if he doesn't show up and when the balance will be paid. Another idea is to simply call around to local DJ companies and ask for a proposal for your event. Upon follow up, simply tell them that you have already made arrangements.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly at

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I'm still looking to book a DJ. I have about 3 people in mind. They do not have a business with the contracts and all. However, I'm gonig this route because we can't afford the prices from the big DJ companies or even smaller companies who do contracted events. But because they usually do events on the side and are credible from what I have been able to see, we have created our own contract for them to commit too at the time of the booking. Again, they are credible but for everything related to our wedding we want contracts signed for everything for our special day.

AstridaandGreg, if you want to see the one that we played around with to use, I can email it to you.

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Thanks, everyone. Sorry I'm MONTHS late on my response! I should have mentioned this sooner, but when I posted that, I did NOT already have a DJ. I was simply wanting to look at DJ contracts to get an idea of what's covered in them. From my experience so far, yes, vendors of a certain type have some similar general info they all include, but I have had to ask some potential vendors (non-DJ, that is) to include specific things in their contracts that they hadn't already included. Just trying to CMA here. :)

Jadw1999: I would love to see your DJ contract you came up with, if you still have it. :) Thanks!

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i have my wedding contract from my dj.
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