DIY'ers - Have you used Filato Paper?
Hi, I'm just wondering if any of u have used Filato Paper? I saw it and read that its actually made from plastic and is waterproof. I'm thinking of using it as a table runner. Seems to be cheaper and more unique than a regular cloth runner. Here is the link to where I saw it.
Your thoughts

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Looks cool but OMG WHO NAMED IT THAT?!! LMAO

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Actually that might work out...Are you going to order it?

Marie S. (aka Princess Leia)
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Totally inappropriate but I have to say it - at first glance on your post title I thought it said Filatio Paper and I was cracking up thinking what on earth is that...

I need to get my mind out of the gutter
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Oh my I just looked up the similar word { filatio } hahahahahaha had not heard that word before, wow, I was wondering why no one was answering for a while. Tara I am thinking its kinda cool looking. I saw a pic of abica mesh used on a wedding reception table and it looked great. There was also rafia fabric on the website, whick would go with the beach theme but kinda wanted more color.

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Yeah, I totally read the title wrong at first. Yikes!

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@ Marie I didn't catch the missing "i" in the word, so I was STILL thinking someone had a bad idea when they named this paper! lol

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LOL- I did the same thing! Was thinking that would be one hell of a thing to do at a wedding reception. LMAO. Looked at the link though and it looks like pretty cool stuff. Please let me know if you order some and what you think of it when it comes in. Would be nice to not have to worry about it bleeding onto the linens underneath if it got wet.

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I too misread the title at first glance. hee hee hee

Okay done giggling like a schoogirl

The paper looks pretty. I am curious of the texture and thickness? I looks like it feels like tissue paper. Hopefully it is heavy enough to stay in place!

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This is an old post, I know, but did you ever end up using this? Thinking about doing it as my runners at my wedding.
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