DIY Wedding Card Box
Rather then spending a lot of money on a wedding card box that will only be used for one day, I want to try making one. I'm going to use two rectangular boxes, but need help/advice on how to decorate/assemble it.
My wedding colors are white and yellow. Flowers will be tulips (white and yellow)
Any suggestions ladies?

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Could you wrap them like presents in some sort of paper or cloth? You could remove the bottom of the top box and cut a big hole in the top of the bottom box so that the cards can fit more easily?

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I am doing the same thing! I bought some fabric that matches my bridesmaid dresses and I'm going to stack 2 boxes like presents with white ribbon around them. Then I bought some flowers (they are actually hair clips) to glue on the side and little crystal things to glue to the flowers...hope it turns out but I still need to find boxes in the right shape =) good luck!

i'm hoping mine will look similar to one of these larger ones...

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Just like Carolyn said..... cut a hole in the bottom of the top one. A hole in the top of the bottom one... that way it is all hollow in the middle.

Cut a slit in the top of the top one. Glue the ribbon on the inside of the slit and then wrap the ribbon around the box like a present.

Add a little plaque with your names, the word "Cards" ... or just a monogram.

Here is a video to give you some tips.... it is for a round box, but you can watch for tips.

or Words DIY instructions - done with fabric

Hayley C™
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Thank you ladies!! Mandy, I'm sure your card box will look like the ones in your picture. Good luck to you too!
I'm debating if I should do fabric or paper.
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I wanted to give all the New England brides a heads up, in case they hadn't heard this story. We were at a wedding where two women wedding crashers stole the card box in May. Apparently these women had done this at several MA & NH weddings over the last few months. I would highly encourage you to make your card box very large, so it will be more obvious if someone tries to take it. But because that sometimes fails also, assign someone (not known to drink too heavily!) to watch the card/gift table throughout your event and be responsible for packing them up at the end of the event.

This bride was in tears at the end of her special day and said she didn't even want to go on her honeymoon. Its an awful way to end a beautiful day and can be prevented with a little planning!
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