DIY Votive/Tea-light holders **PICS**/Tutorial
Since there are so many wonderful DIY posts on here, I figured I would pay it forward. FH & I spent a little under two hours last night making these. I hope somebody will find this useful. :)

As part of my centerpiece displays, I decided that I wanted to jazz up some votive holders. I used marbles at the bottom of the holder to give it an interesting look and used tealights (in little metal containers) as opposed to votives. If you want to use votives, just subtract the marbles from the equation.

My recommendation is when you get coupons from different craft stores like Michaels, look online as well, and ask your family/ friends to save them up for you. Then, travel to the stores with some friends so that you can use all of the coupons at once, rather than coming back 6000 times. Sometimes even walking out with your purchase and dropping it off to your car and then turning back inside to use your other coupon at a different register will have the same effect. ;) (cont'd)

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What you need:
Clear votives (I got two packages of Ashland Basic Elements 16 per pkg.) @ $4.99 each w/ 50% off coupons.
Marble Gems ( for 32 votives, a 3 lb. bag worked perfectly to get them the height I wanted. I got them from AC Moore.) @ $3.50 per bag w/ 50% off coupon.
Votives or tealights (available at Dollar Stores, Walmart, Target, or craft stores, or online) I got a 200 pkg. of tealights from Target for like $4.00 on sale.
Ribbon to match your décor (Two of my colors are chocolate and mint green)—I used Spool O’Ribbon from Michael’s.) @ 3 spools for $1.00 (You will need 1-10 yard spool of ¼” thick ribbon for the middle color & 2-10 yard spools of 1/8” thick ribbon. You won’t use all of the ¼” inch ribbon and will only need to use a little bit of the 2nd spool of 1/8” thick ribbon)
Recollections Boutique Fleur Mulberry Paper Mini Roses (30 pieces) (2 or more packages)

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Martha Stewart Craft Stickers (48 pieces-at least two packages)
Fabric Scissors, Hot Glue gun or Tacky Glue, Windex, paper-towels
1) Clean out the votives using Windex and paper towels. Make sure they are completely dry. Let the Hot glue gun warm up, if you are using that.
2) Measure around the votive using the ribbon. Use the fabric scissors to cut the ribbon to the appropriate length, letting each end meet. Use the length as a template for all of the ribbon lengths. You may want to get yourself set up by cutting up the ribbon strands, cutting down the flower wire on the mini roses, and plopping those things into the votives to keep them organized.
3) Try to center the ¼” ribbon as best as you can. Use a small dab of glue to connect the ends. Don’t worry about the ends being totally perfect, because they will be hidden by the flowers. Flank the ¼” ribbon with the 2 1/8” strands of ribbon. Glue.
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4) Center the flower over the ends of the ribbon strands. Unfurl the leaves as necessary. Place a dab of glue on the backside of the flower and then press to the ribbon.
5)Adhere the pearlized stickers. Glue if you would like to make sure they stick nicely.
6) Remove any cooled glue strands. Use windex again to dab off fingerprints.
8) Place the votives back into the plastic container. If you are using votives, plop them inside. If you are using the marbles, pour them in to the desired height, being sure to even them out. Set tea-light inside.
9) Repeat as necessary!

Have fun! :)

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These are so cute!

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Thanks a bunch, Holly R.! :)

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They turned out great!

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I've already got my own idea for the centerpieces, but this are very cute :) Good job!

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Thanks for the DIY. I just bought sixteen votive holders and wanted to add ribbon and embelishments. Where did you find the mini roses? Are they from Michaels?

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@Amy P.--Sounds awesome. The mini roses are from Michael's & come in 3 different colors per package, with 30 pieces total. They are part of Michael's "Recollections" line. :)

@Alondra & JJ--Thanks a bunch, girlies! :)

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These are pretty! I love the colors!

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Those look really nice....thanks for the info:)

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Those turned out really nice!

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Aww thanks, Jennifer H.! I like the colors too-I am going for a rustic, woodsy feel. :)
@Rebecca-Thank you so much & you are very welcome.
@Elizabeth H.-Thanks! They were worth the effort. :)
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great job

Hayley C™
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I LOVE them!!! So CUTE!!!!!
thanks for the instructions!

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@Harold and Quita-Thank you! :)

@Hayley C.-Thank you so much!! & You are quite welcome!! :)

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Very pretty! Will definately have to keep this in mind.

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Thanks for the idea, I love it!!! I kind of felt like mine are looking too plain.

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@Ester C.-Thanks so much! Post pics if you end up doing something with yours! :)

@Evelyn R-You are very welcome! I hope you can put it to good use. :)
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It might cost a little more, but would simplify things if you used a 1/2 inch wide ribbon and then glued the 1/4 inch wide ribbon on top of it.
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