diy unity candle
I cant justify spending $40 for unity candle. I bought 2 tapers & a regular pillar candle along with various width ribbon.. was wondering how i do the printing of our names on candle with that vallem stuff?

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I used to add pictures to candles. Its really easy
take a piece of printer paper & use double sided tape to stick a piece of white tissue paper on top of the printer paper. Then print out the picture (or words, whatever you want to add) you want on the tissue paper. take the tissue paper off of the paper & stick it on the candle with double stick tape, i got this roll thing of adhesive, like what whiteout tape comes in. I used an embosser ( a hairdryer might work too) to melt the tissue paper into the candle. when its dry, i took a butter knife and carefully scraped the drips off. you may want to grab a few candles from the dollar store to practice on first. but its pretty easy.

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I think it should be rather easy. If someone hadn't bought the unity candle thing for me, I would DEFINITELY have not spent that much on candles. I'd have gone plain Jane, lol.
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