DIY Polaroid photo booth prop
Super easy. Whadda ya think?

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Cute! I would make the bottom dry erase, so guests could change the caption. =)

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Thanks Jen. Great minds think alike....It is dry erase lol.

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Hahahaha awwww so cute, I love it!

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Can I ask how you made that?

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Love it!! Want to steal :)

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that is adorable. nice job

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@Jackie - it was really easy. I bought a 20x30 foam board (less than $3 at Michaels + 50% off coupon).
I didn't have a yard stick so I used my husbands level to mark the lines on the back of the board (where the sticker was). I did 2" from the top, 1 1/4 from each side. I think I did 14" from the bottom. I used an exacto knife to cut it out. I didn't have any cardboard under it but I recommend it if you have it. That way you can cut all the way through without worrying about scratching your work surface.
For the dry erase part I wanted to use clear contact paper but I didnt' have any. All I had was laminating pouches (8x10) so I stretched that across the top and taped it to the back with double stick tape. Apparently there is white board paint, similar to chalk board paint but didn't want to spend any more on this project.
The whole thing came out to less than $2.

@Travis's - Steal away.
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