DIY Here comes the bride sign
I need help making a here comes the bride sign. Can someone please give me tips or a link.. IM not very creative at all.

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I want it to look something like that but nicer. Or just something thats easy. thanks!!

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What a lovely idea that is! YOu can have a banner or poster made at Vistaprint. They walk you through the design process. The banner or poster can be attached to a wooden stick like pictured.

Or, you could print out the letters, cut them out, and glue them to poster board.

Given the choice, I would go with Vistaprint.

Good luck!

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Any craft store or Walmart has letter stickers and pretty embellishments for scrapbooking that would make it simple to look good. I like "Here Comes The Bride" better than the bride is coming.

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Do you or someone you know have a Cricut? I just bought one and it's AWESOME. You could use it to print out letters and glue them on to a sign.

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I made this using my cricut they are awesome, they are the easy way to make signs

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They have banner signs at Party City ($20) to get an idea on another way to do it. The opposite side of the banner sayd Just Married. wedding 2ft x 1 1-2ft comes the bride

Hayley C™
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free small banner, pay S&H (first 2) (like a plastic canvas, you can write on it, like when you buy those signature banners for parties) $6.57 for one.
3' x 1.6' = a little long, good if you have 2 boys to carry it.

or a free lawn sign - (a few different designs to pick from - "plastic like?" corrugated material) ($8.81)
18" x 12"

You can pay a little more to make them double sided and the back can say "Just Married"

*from vistaprint - click this to get the deal

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Michaels has blank wood pieces in different sizes. I also bought a cheap, wide paintbrush and off-white paint, and painted both sides of the wood piece. I had someone hand write the letters on my sign using squeezable paint, so you didn't have to use a paintbrush for that, but there are multiple other options for lettering: Stencils, stickers, rub on letters, or have a scrapbook store pre-cut letters with their metal machines.

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Have you thought about maybe a banner instead of an actual sign? I'd think some heavy poster board and some stencils and just see if you can make a design you like!
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