DIY Bridesmaid Bags (*PIC)
I've been working on accumulating my BM tote bags today since the FH was off. After taking a shopping spree in the trial section of Walmart and spending some time at Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, and Old Navy, I have gotten their survival totes together.
This is I purchased to DIY their totes:
Hobby Lobby Totes - $5 on clearance
Iron On Monograms - $2.29

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My end result! I think my bridesmaids will be happy. The bags were an amazing discount because they are heavy duty, include a side pocket, and zip! I hope they will use this in the future.

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What they looked like after I put all the swag in them.

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Very nice!

Rachel W.
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They came out great!

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Totally cute and I would def use it if I received it. Great job!

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Haha I would too! Unfortunately, Hobby Lobby only had 4 left.

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They look great!

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thanks maci g
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